5 Tips On How To Remove Stains From Carpet

If you are looking for how to remove stains from carpet just keep in mind that you are not alone. Anyone who has owned carpet knows that it is nearly impossible to keep items that stain away from your floor. Especially if you have pets as carpet is simply a convenient place for them to relieve themselves. Urine in mattress or on carpet is really annoying.

There are a number of ways to treat urine stains from carpet but each case depends on the time it has had to set in on the carpet and the extent of the stain. Just remember, before you try any type of product on your carpet you need to first test the solution in a small, hidden area to make sure the product won’t cause an even bigger stain. Try moving a large piece of furniture and trying on the carpet underneath.

If you are fortunate, you can catch the cause of the stain quickly. If that is the case just grab a thick cotton towel, dampen it with warm water, then blot the cause of the stain. Add weight to the towel to help get at any liquid that reached the padding under the carpet. A wet-dry shop vac can be very handy at cleaning recent accidents as well.

However, if the liquid has had time to set in you must try a few different techniques.






Simple soap and water: Use a dish soap, preferably Dawn liquid which does a great job of binding with the source of stains. Apply the soap and water to the area. Use a large sponge and scrub around the affected area. Then you will want to use a wet washcloth to remove any excess soap before allowing the area to dry. If the stain is not completely removed you can repeat this process a few times. But I would not recommend more than three in a day as over-soaking will warp and wrinkle the carpet.
Vinegar and water: Another good way to remove stains, especially urine stains, is to use a solution of vinegar and tap water. This will not only help in the stain removal process but will also take address the smell. Apply the water and vinegar solution and lather it in. Allow it to soak for about 5 minutes then wipe the area with a warm wet washcloth. As with soap and water, this may not reach any liquid that reached the padding beneath. If that is the case, the stain may come back or leave an odor.
Enzyme cleaners: For more serious cases I recommend a good enzyme cleaner. This approach will cost you some money, but it may well be worth it. A gallon of the high end brand will cost you around $ 50.00. You can find a number of products available online through sites that address staining issues, like Again, it’s not a free household remedy but it will eliminate all the odor and will remove stains on most carpets. As with any other product, make sure to test a discrete area first.
Professional carpet cleaners: The most expensive route would be to call a local carpet cleaning service. Sometimes if the stain is too old, too large, or if you have a number of stains, it is best to just hire a professional crew to come in. This will cost you around $ 200 and is a last resort to those with severe cases.


The best tip of all is to get to any spill or accident quickly, and to not ever let a stain go untreated for a long time. Once it sets for awhile it will become near impossible to remove. But keep in mind the tips above and you might be able to remove stains from carpet in your home should, rather when, the need arises.


Joe Lee Clemons is a tough stain removal specialist. One of the toughest stains to deal with is urine in mattress. Joe provides a number of tips on not only how to deal with that, but also how to remove stains from carpet and many other materials.

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