Bathroom Cleaners – Remove Hard Stains

When it comes to cleaning bathroom floors, run-of-the-mill cleaners may not give you the results youre looking for. You need to look around for good quality bathroom cleaners that are specially formulated to remove hard stains and grime easily.

Select from a Range of Restroom Cleaning Products

An effective bathroom cleaner is one that can not only remove dirt and soap scum but also tackle stains caused by hard water, mildew, oxidation, corrosion, mold and algae, light rust, lime, calcium and iron deposits. High quality restroom cleaning products come with a powerful stain removal and anti-bacterial formula to deal with such stains. Most online janitorial supply stores stock a wide variety of bathroom cleaners and browsing their inventory is the best way to choose the ones you want. Leading manufacturers offer many kinds of bathroom cleaners:

Scrubbing bubbles: This is a multi-surface bathroom cleaner that is useful to remove the tough stains of soap scum from your restroom floors. It works great on many surfaces like showers, basins, tubs, ceramic tiles and more.

Scouring Sticks: Scouring sticks work well on hard stains on porcelain. The individually wrapped sticks are very effective when it comes to removing the tough stains of rust, paint and other grime from ceramic tile and concrete flooring.

Soft antibacterial scrubs with bleach: This easy-to-use soft scrub with bleach is formulated with powerful cleaning agents to remove the toughest of grease, soap scum and mildew stains quite easily.

Heavy duty foaming bathroom cleaners: Another effective product is a foaming bathroom cleaner. With a non-chlorine formula that is free of harmful mineral acids, it can remove dirt and stains caused by urine salts, mildew, algae, corrosions, light rust, soap scum and so on.

Instant mildew removers: These cleaners tackle mildew stains and destroy staph, strep, and athlete’s foot fungus.

Heavy duty bathroom cleaners with powerful disinfectants: These cleaners come with a non-acid, non-abrasive formula and go deep to remove tough soils, including soap scum and body oils. They are ideal for general cleaning and disinfection in hospitals.

Reputable online dealers offer attractive discounts for bulk purchases of all kinds of cleaning products as well as free shipment for all purchases made over a certain amount.

Rydoexpress is a leading provider of janitorial supplies and cleaning products. RydoExpress stock a wide variety of bathroom cleaner for cleaning and disinfecting your bathroom from all infecting elements.

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