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Boston Carpet Cleaning explains about different carpet cleaning machines.

Carpet cleaning machines may look remarkably like standard vacuum cleaners. There is a difference, though. The Boston Carpet Cleaningpoint of carpet cleaning machines is that they don’t just vacuum up dirt, but instead they spray a mixture of warm water and detergent onto the carpet. Dirty water is vacuumed up at the end, leaving the carpet looking thoroughly cleansed and refreshed. These washers have a few additional weapons and features that they can employ.

Boston Carpet Cleaning On Accessories

– Dedicated carpet cleaners have special bottom-mounted brushes that scrub the carpet at the same time, freeing up dirt and leading to a deeper and more effective clean. The best models will have a motor-powered brush, which makes an even more potent job of freeing particles from the carpet. Brushes aren’t the only add-ons, though, and the very best models will come with extendable hose that can be used to clean the edges of rooms. Some models will also work on hard floors, although the majority are designed to work primarily with carpets.

Boston Carpet Cleaning On Performance

– Carpet cleaners vary widely in terms of power. Measured in watts, this tells you how much power the device will use to extract dirt. Theoretically, the higher the power, the more dirt it’ll remove. Anything over 1,000 watts is fairly good, with 1,300 to 1,800 watts typical on good models – although some go beyond even 2,000 watts.

Boston Carpet Cleaning On Capacity

– Cleaners use water, and when the clean water has been used up, you’ll need to change it. The higher the capacity, the larger the area you can cover before having to change the water. Anything in excess of 3 litres is fairly good, with some models going up to 4.5-5 litres. Be sure that you’re looking at the clean rather than the dirty water capacity, as the two figures are usually quite different.

Boston Carpet Cleaning On Cylinder or Upright

– Carpet cleaners look like vacuums, and they even come with the same choice of upright or cylinder model. The vast majority of washers are uprights, with cylinder models only now starting to make ground.

Boston Carpet Cleaning On Multifunction Cleaners

– Carpet washers are dedicate to cleaning only, but multifunction models can do both cleaning and normal (dry) vacuuming. The change isn’t instantaneous, though, and you may need to change water tanks or attach additional fittings. Multifunction cleaners are predominantly cylinder models, so you will have the normal drawback that it’ll take longer to clean large areas of carpet. Also, multifunctions won’t generally have the useful brush feature boasted by the dedicated cleaners. They’re not as good at the actual cleaning part, then. Neither are they as effective as dry vacuums when it comes to the hoovering. However, they are relatively light and portable, and can give you a taste of both worlds. Provided your carpets aren’t too demanding, and the area isn’t too great, a multifunction is a capable compromise.

It’s also worth remembering that even dedicated home carpet cleaners can’t match the capabilities of the industrial models used by professional firms. These high-end models tend to be very powerful, and do a far more thorough job of cleaning the carpet than the home models. They require special training, and the operators will usually be very skilled at working out exactly what chemicals will do the best job, and in what quantities. However, home models do a better job of washing and cleaning carpets than normal dry vacuums.

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