Carpet and flooring cleaning

Carpet is flooring that is easy to combine with window coverings and furniture as it is available in many colours and textures. Moreover, it is comfortable it exudes luxury; it is fashionable and has many other advantages.

Carpet suits every taste and style and is suitable for any room.

There is deep-pile, low pile carpet and a carpet in between. The structure is fine or coarse. Carpet gives a tight and flat effect. It is available in many colours and textures, with a piece or tiles.

The advantages of a low pile carpet are:

• It is warm to the feet

• It is low so the dirt does not pull between the loops but it is still laying on top makes it easy to clean.

• Walkways are not easily visible.

Disadvantages include:

• Stains are visible

Deep pile carpet exudes luxury and comfort and is available in many colours.

The benefits of deep-pile carpet are:

• It is warm and soft.

• It is also suitable for intensive use.

• Dirt is less visible.

Disadvantages include:

• Vacuuming is heavy

• Walkways are clearly visible

Carpet with a fine texture feels soft and exudes luxury carpet with a rough texture while robust and tough looks.


• Carpet is made from what unbranded yarn is often not very stain resistant while brand yarn repels dirt better.

• Carpet is made of what brand yarn is more expensive but the quality is better.

• Take care when buying carpet for high traffic areas on which the yarn is treated vlekwerend and dirt.

• If you see a woollen carpet walkways faster than with a nylon carpet.

• Carpet also absorbs sound and therefore very suitable for covering a staircase

• Carpet is heat insulation and energy saving.

• It is easy to maintain.

Only vacuuming is sufficient. If there are many spots on the carpet, the carpet can be cleaned. A single spot can be spot cleaned.

Stains in the carpet:

Carpet has so many advantages but one disadvantage is that it stains can be a difficult job. Spots for 90 percent to get away with lukewarm water. These are stains caused by coffee, tea, wine, grass and fruit. Solids to be removed then you make a wet towel, and wring out the stain. Replace the towel until the stain no longer issues and let it dry. If the stain disappears, you can use a special stain remover.

Stains that is difficult to remove paint, nail polish, glue and blood.

First try to remove the stains with water, if that fails try a special cleaner.
Stains that cannot be removed are: chlorine and stained, wet crepe paper.

If you’re trying to remove the stains please with thinner, benzene or turpentine. These may affect fibres of the carpet and the stain is often worse.

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