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Rug Cleaning Boston would like to explain that when you select a carpet type, you’re often Rug Cleaning Bostonchoosing on the basis of the pile (the height of the fibres used to create the carpet) and the texture, or the way in which the fibres have been looped, cut and twisted. Here are the main types you’re likely to be faced with.

Rug Cleaning Boston On Loop Pile

When carpets start the manufacturing process, they’ll often be loop pile. The yarns will be looped and fastened to the backing. If you want strength and durability, you’ll almost certainly want a loop pile carpet. They also tend to have a ‘classic’ look that makes them very popular.

Level Loop – As the name suggests, the loops here are all of equal height, creating total consistency of surface. Level Loop are uncompromising and repetitious, if perhaps a little stiff and hard to the feel. Durability is excellent, and Level Loop is an excellent recommendation for areas that expect to see lots of footfall.

Berber – In contrast to Level Loop, a Berber carpet mixes up both small and large loops, creating a rather varied look that lacks the uniformity of Level Loop. Flecks of colour further enhance the look of most Berbers, although you can buy versions that employ one single colour only. It’s the unpredictable nature of a Berber carpet that makes it particularly charming. However, the carpets are also thick and hard-wearing, making them an excellent choice for most rooms. You should be careful if you have pets, as their claws can get caught on the fibres.

Rug Cleaning Boston On Cut Pile

Where Loop Pile is tough and durable, Cut Pile is softer and more friendly, with cut fibres that create a less stiff feel.

Saxony – With its lovely soft surface, it’s unsurprising that Saxony is such a popular choice in house after house. The yarns are densely packed, and the tips are kept apart rather than blended together, creating a feel of relative luxury. However, this carpet type isn’t without its problems. Footprints and vacuum marks will show up constantly, and keeping them clean and in top condition is a time-consuming task. So for areas that should see heavy footfall (halls, living rooms), it’s best to choose something else. They need to be a decent match for bedrooms as well.

Velvet or Plush – For the height of luxury, you’ll want to look to these Saxony-variations. Sheared to create a perfectly smooth finish, the yarns are barely twisted, allowing ends to blend in one unending plateau. Wonderful to the touch, they’re even less impractical than standard Saxony. Not only will footprints show up readily, but the fibres will lie differently across the carpet, creating highly varied patches of colour. High-maintenance, these should only be placed in areas where they’re likely to see low footfall.

Shag – Another Saxony variation, the Shag carpet uses long fibres to construct a truly lustrous surface that feels wonderful to the touch. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to flatten the surface, and Shag tends to be worn out within a short space of time. However, the Shag does have undeniable charm. Seemingly vanquished after its golden period in the 70s, the Shag carpet is making a comeback in modern times. Placed in an area of low footfall, like a bedroom, it can still be a good choice for when that extra hint of decadence is required.

Frieze – Frieze carpets couldn’t be much more a contrast to Shag. In a Frieze carpet, the fibres are cut very short, tightly twisted, and heat set. This creates a highly-durable surface that can withstand even relatively heavy footfall. Because the fibres are allowed to curl in different directions, there’s very little to trap footprints, making them extremely easy to keep clean and pristine. The texture is rather coarse and grainy, and Frieze clearly lacks the pleasurable sensations of a Shag or Plush carpet. However, they are rather more practical.

Cut and Loop Pile – This type sits somewhere between Loop and Cut Pile, combining the techniques to create a surface that feels softer than loop pile, but that lasts better than cut pile. This sort could be highly patterned which creates a pleasant-looking but relatively durable surface that works well in most rooms.

Rug Cleaning Boston On Woven

Now these carpets really are the choices for the very best in luxury. The whole manufacting process is really intensive, and the patterns tend to be very intricate. Unsurprisingly, these carpets will set you back considerable sums.

Axminster – The pile here is very carefully woven and cut to length, producing a wonderful velvet surface that combines beautiful patterns with excellent durability. The price is likely to be significant, but these carpets will last for ages and their appearance will be superb.

Wilton – Not dissimilar to Axminster, Wilton uses a continuous fibre, and this is then cut to produce a range of stunning designs and effects. Very expensive, but breathtaking in terms of quality and durability.

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Carpet cleaners boston would like to point out that choosing a carpet can be a bewildering process, but once you know what terms like fibre, pile, density and texture mean, the choices become far simpler. Here’s a quick guide.

carpet cleaners boston

Carpet Cleaners Boston On Fibre

Carpets will generally be classed according to the fibre that was used to create the carpet. The fibres may be natural, like wool and hemp, or synthetic, like Acrylic, Nylon (Polyamide), Polyester or Olefin (Polypropylene). Most of the time, carpets will consist of multiple fibres twisted together to form yarns or threads. In the case of a 2-ply carpet, each yarn would consist of two fibres twisted together, whereas a 4-ply carpet would involve four fibres twisted. Tight twisting accompanied by heat setting will make the threads particularly durable.

Carpet Cleaners Boston On Natural Fibres

Wool is expensive, but worth every penny. It’s very soft to the touch and incredibly durable. The pile doesn’t flatten easily, so the carpet retains its shape. Wool is easy to keep clean, and the fibres have a waxed layer that keeps soil trapped near the top, so dirt is easy to clear. Wool also retains as much as 10% more heat as other fibres. Wool is costly to produce and obtain, but many carpets come with a blend of wool and other fibres. 80% wool will be enough to give you a luxurious carpet. Much of the best wool is produced in New Zealand. Feel free to ask carpet cleaners boston any questions !

A number of other natural fibres are available, with sisal being a highly durable alternative, albeit with a harder feel. Jute gives you a ligher and softer carpet, although it isn’t quite as hard-wearing as sisal. Hemp sits somewhere between the two. Sisal, jute and hemp have poor surface friction, and would be bad choices for stairs or areas with high moisture. Natural fibres tend to cause fewer allergies, and any of these are good choices for those who want to keep the air fresh and clean.

Of the manmade fibres, carpet cleaners boston believe acrylic is the best choice if you want to emulate wool’s soft and warm feel at a reduced price. It’s excellent at resisting stains, oils and chemicals, and the ease with which it can be dyed leads to its availability in a range of colours. Where it does suffer, though, is in durability, and the yarn will untwist if the carpet is used in areas of heavy footfall. Nylon is much tougher, and a better choice in such situations. It lacks the luxurious feel of acrylic, and is also quite expensive for a synthetic fibre, but is extremely flexible, and easily lends itself to a variety of styles and colours.

If money is tight, you might find polyester and olefin (polypropylene) to be better choices. Both types of carpet will wear out quickly, and are unsuited to heavy footfall areas. Polyester does look good at first, though, while olefin is superb at resisting water, making it a wise choice for damp rooms (such as basements). Both types are also highly stain resistant.

Pile, Density and Texture

The fibre itself isn’t the only factor that defines a carpet, though. The pile, density, and texture of the fibre will also be instrumental in creating the final product.

Density – This measures how closely packed together the yarns are. The greater the density, the stronger the carpet will be. Take a sample of the carpet and fold it over. The less of the backing
that you can see, the more tightly packed (and, therefore, better) the yarns are. Comparing different carpet samples in this way will quickly give you an indication of relative quality.

Pile – This refers specifically to the height of the fibre. Long fibres create a more lustrous feel – shag carpets, for instance, are comprised of numerous lengthy fibres – whereas shorter fibres make for a stiffer spikier result that can lead to greater durability.

Texture – This refers to the way fibres are looped, cut and twisted. Choices fall within the categories of loop pile (level loop, Berber), cut pile (Saxony, Plush, Shag, Frieze, Textured), and cut and loop pile.

Loop Pile

Most carpets begin the manufacturing process in this form, with the yarns looped and fastened to the backing. Loop pile tends to be very strong and durable.

Level Loop

These will have loops of equal height, and will offer a smooth surface with excellent durability. They’re excellent choices for high footfall areas, even if their somewhat stiff texture makes them a little hard to the feel.

Berber – These have loops of unequal height, and are much denser than other carpets. Stain resistance is high. However, these are unsuitable for use in houses with pets, as claws regularly get caught on the fibres.

Cut Pile – Where the fibre ends are cut, the carpets are classed as ‘cut pile’.

Saxony – A very popular example, these have densely packed yarns that create a soft surface. Saxony carpets easily show footprints, though, making them unsuited to areas where there’ll be significant footfall.

Plush/Shag – These are both variations on Saxony carpets. Plush has a particularly smooth finish, while Shag uses long fibres to create a lustrous feel. Like the standard Saxony, they easily show footprints.

Frieze – In direct contrast to Shag, Frieze carpets have the fibres cut very short. The fibres naturally curl in different directions, and this makes it easy for them to repel footprints. Frieze carpets last extremely well, even where there’s heavy footfall.

Textured – The Textured carpet uses longer and more lustrous fibres, but doesn’t pack them as densely as a Saxony. The result is still relatively soft, and the tightly twisted threads are excellent at deflecting soil. This combines with their interesting uneven look to make them the ideal choice for homes.

Cut and Loop Pile – This sits somewhere between loop pile and cut pile, combining the techniques to create a surface that feels softer than loop pile, but that lasts better than cut pile. A range of possible patterns can make this an interesting choice.

Other Factors

Look for carpets that have had treatments and finishes to make them anti-soil, anti-stain or anti-microbial.

Don’t forget about padding. Adding this will increase the durability, as well as cushioning feet and reducing noise levels. Different carpets require different thickness levels, so be careful to get the right padding.


Fibre – Wool is soft but expensive. Sisal, hemp and jute are good natural replacements, with sisal being the most durable, and jute the softest. With synthetic fibres, acrylic feels very similar to wool, but lasts less well. Nylon is tough to the feel but lasts. Polyester and olefin (Polypropylene) are cheap but short-lived. Olefin is a good choice for damp areas.

Pile and Density – These refer to the length of the fibres, and how closely packed the yarns are, respectively.

Texture – Loop pile is strong and durable, with the ‘level loop’ the toughest. Cut pile has cut ends, with Saxony the most common – the Plush variation has a smooth finish, while Shag uses long fibres. Saxony carpets easily show footprints. Other types of cut pile include Frieze and Textured. Frieze have short fibres, and last very well, but Textured use longer and more lustrous fibres to give them a softer feel. Cut and loop pile is a third alternative, and this lasts better than cut pile, but feels softer than loop pile.

Be sure to use a professional to look after your new carpet !

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Boston Carpet Cleaning | 02155-6339 – Airglide Carpet Cleaning Company (617) 498-9981 | Carpet Cleaning Service

Boston Carpet Cleaning explains about different carpet cleaning machines.

Carpet cleaning machines may look remarkably like standard vacuum cleaners. There is a difference, though. The Boston Carpet Cleaningpoint of carpet cleaning machines is that they don’t just vacuum up dirt, but instead they spray a mixture of warm water and detergent onto the carpet. Dirty water is vacuumed up at the end, leaving the carpet looking thoroughly cleansed and refreshed. These washers have a few additional weapons and features that they can employ.

Boston Carpet Cleaning On Accessories

– Dedicated carpet cleaners have special bottom-mounted brushes that scrub the carpet at the same time, freeing up dirt and leading to a deeper and more effective clean. The best models will have a motor-powered brush, which makes an even more potent job of freeing particles from the carpet. Brushes aren’t the only add-ons, though, and the very best models will come with extendable hose that can be used to clean the edges of rooms. Some models will also work on hard floors, although the majority are designed to work primarily with carpets.

Boston Carpet Cleaning On Performance

– Carpet cleaners vary widely in terms of power. Measured in watts, this tells you how much power the device will use to extract dirt. Theoretically, the higher the power, the more dirt it’ll remove. Anything over 1,000 watts is fairly good, with 1,300 to 1,800 watts typical on good models – although some go beyond even 2,000 watts.

Boston Carpet Cleaning On Capacity

– Cleaners use water, and when the clean water has been used up, you’ll need to change it. The higher the capacity, the larger the area you can cover before having to change the water. Anything in excess of 3 litres is fairly good, with some models going up to 4.5-5 litres. Be sure that you’re looking at the clean rather than the dirty water capacity, as the two figures are usually quite different.

Boston Carpet Cleaning On Cylinder or Upright

– Carpet cleaners look like vacuums, and they even come with the same choice of upright or cylinder model. The vast majority of washers are uprights, with cylinder models only now starting to make ground.

Boston Carpet Cleaning On Multifunction Cleaners

– Carpet washers are dedicate to cleaning only, but multifunction models can do both cleaning and normal (dry) vacuuming. The change isn’t instantaneous, though, and you may need to change water tanks or attach additional fittings. Multifunction cleaners are predominantly cylinder models, so you will have the normal drawback that it’ll take longer to clean large areas of carpet. Also, multifunctions won’t generally have the useful brush feature boasted by the dedicated cleaners. They’re not as good at the actual cleaning part, then. Neither are they as effective as dry vacuums when it comes to the hoovering. However, they are relatively light and portable, and can give you a taste of both worlds. Provided your carpets aren’t too demanding, and the area isn’t too great, a multifunction is a capable compromise.

It’s also worth remembering that even dedicated home carpet cleaners can’t match the capabilities of the industrial models used by professional firms. These high-end models tend to be very powerful, and do a far more thorough job of cleaning the carpet than the home models. They require special training, and the operators will usually be very skilled at working out exactly what chemicals will do the best job, and in what quantities. However, home models do a better job of washing and cleaning carpets than normal dry vacuums.

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Carpet Cleaning Boston MA | 02155-6339 – Airglide Carpet Cleaning Company (617) 498-9981 | Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpet Cleaning Boston Ma On Todays Carpet Trends

carpet cleaning boston ma

Don’t forget our Carpet Cleaning Boston Ma carpet cleaning service for all your needs. Choosing a carpet is always a difficult decision. You don’t want to seem too safe or conservative, but neither do you want to choose something outlandish that might, in a few years, look rather ridiculous. Luckily, the next few years look like combining subtlety with odd bursts of flamboyance. Style that doesn’t like to show itself off too readily, the current trends in carpets are unlikely to leave you looking rather exposed.

Carpet Cleaning Boston Ma On Dashes of colour

After the austerity of recent years, it seems as though the next 12-24 months might see us starting to inject some life into our drab furnishings. Very much in keeping with the slight reticence of these times, though, this won’t be an all-out infusion of vibrant fizzing colour. More the odd splash of bold reds and golds that enliven an otherwise fairly neutral palette. Not that the neutrals will themselves remain unchanged. After an unvaried dish of browns in the previous five years, grey is fast becoming the neutral of the age. Expect both cool and warm tones of this colour to cross paths frequently. Carpet Cleaning Boston Ma would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Carpet Cleaning Boston Ma On Inventive patterns

Colour is only one aspect of the carpet of 2014, and it’ll be the patterns and stripes that really allow personality to seep out. Expect carefully textured coverings, and designs criss-crossed by subtle woven stripes. Stippling, combining varieties of texture and colour within individual yarns, will become a popular trend. Use a good carpet cleaning service to make your crapets look great.

Carpet Cleaning Boston Ma On Back to basics

Rustic styling has been highly prominent in recent years, and its influence is unlikely to go away any time soon. Expect many carpets of 2014/15 to play with the idea of nature. Sisal looks like riding this crest into numerous homes, and will become the go-to material for those who want to revel in hard-wearing yet highly natural carpets. This will be a very good choice in dining rooms and hallways. Do look for some sort of stain protection (Intec) though, as sisal is very vulnerable to spills and other accidents.

Carpet Cleaning Boston Ma On Splashes of luxury

The modern carpet lover likes to be practical. But they also aren’t averse to the occasional dash of decadence. The bedroom will become the place where we can experiment with luxury, and the deep shag and plush velvet carpets are becoming almost a necessity in such rooms. They aren’t the most durable of choices, but that won’t matter in a lightly-trodden space like a bedroom. Look for large loops and dense textures, and prepare to create an alluring space that both soothes and excites.

Living room or living art?

Although the occasional person will put down a sisal carpet even in the living room, for many this space will see the most interesting infusions of design and colour. This is probably the room to spend a little on, so try and look for a wool carpet. This will be hard-wearing and yet will feel soft and luxurious – exactly the mix you should be looking for. Cut and Loop piles will be a good compromise that allow for fascinating patterns, and yet remain reasonably durable.

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Benefits Of Carpet By Carpet Cleaner Boston (617) 498-9981

Benefits Of Carpet

carpet cleaner boston
Carpet Cleaner Boston explains why carpet is still a great choice. With a number of very impressive alternatives available, the humble carpet can seem a little old-fashioned, dated. Obsolete, even. But even the rise of laminate can’t quench the appeal and feel of the trusty carpet. Other coverings may come in and go out again, but here are a few reasons why carpets are here to stay.

Comfort and warmth – This perhaps the number one reason for carpet’s constant presence. As humans, we love the feel of a warm comforting carpet rather more than the cold clinical sensation that hits us when we lay our feet on wood or laminate. It’s not just in the mind either. Carpets really do have thermal resistance, and they retain warm air for far longer than other floorings. If you want your room to feel nicely heated, a carpet will do the job better than anything else. And then there’s the feeling itself. Thick lustrous fibres make a wonderful surface for the foot. There’s little to match the furry sensation of a thick shag carpet. Contact carpet cleaner boston with any questions.

Carpet Cleaner Boston On Surfaces

Noise control – Cold surfaces aren’t good for sound. The waves bounce around from one surface to another, creating a confused backdrop of audio that frequently confuses and irritates anyone unlucky enough to be sitting in the middle. And given that we have televisions, loud sound systems, and ferocious games consoles blaring away for much of the day, anything that takes the edge off this cacophony of noise is likely to be welcome. Enter the carpet. With its ability to absorb sound rather than merely deflect it, a quality carpet will extract much of the extraneous noise, making it easier for people to hear what’s being said. And, of course, carpets cushion the sound of footsteps, making them a huge boon for those on the floor below. Staircases can be very noisy, but a nice carpet will soon correct that problem.

Carpet Cleaner Boston On Safety

Fewer accidents – Wooden floors, for instance, are very easy to slip on. Carpets, though, allow for excellent grip, making it very hard to fall. And, if you do, a carpet is a great way of cushioning the blow. Far fewer injuries occur in homes lined with quality carpet, making them a particular asset for families with young children.

Smooth looks – And then, of course, there’s the fact that carpets can look very fetching. Available in a range of styles and colours, they can look cool and professional. They can look warm and intimate. And thanks to a great range of intricate patterns and textures, they can simply look stylish and eye-catching. Rather than hiding a cold wooden floor underneath a colourful rug, why not go straight to the source and have a carpet laid down?

Great durability – Not only do carpets look good, but they’ll carry on looking good for long periods. You have to be careful not to place a low-resistance carpet (a Saxony, for instance) in a place where it’s likely to experience significant footfall. But assuming you’re careful in your choice, a carpet should look great for many years. Textured carpets require very little maintenance, making them great choices for frenetic modern life.

From their varied looks and high durability, to their ability to cut down on noise and acidents, carpets are fantastic multi-purpose coverings that make the perfect backdrop to modern lifestyles.

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