How to Clean Your Berber Carpet

Berber carpet is becoming one of the most popular Brisbane carpet today. It has both the aesthetic value, durability and most importantly the ease of care and maintenance that most homeowners like you is looking for in a carpet. Because of its unique qualities, Berber carpet needs special care and maintenance.

Taking the time to know more about your Brisbane carpet investment will help you understand more its value as a home decorating choice.

The Berber Advantage

Berber is a Brisbane carpet that is constructed with a rugged looped pile running in parallel lines. The length of the loop is short making it impossible for vacuum tracks and footprints to show. Also compressed traffic as well as constant wear and tear will not be a problem.

The same principle goes true for dirt. Because Berber Brisbane carpet has a short loop style with a varying number of twists in each pile it is very difficult for dirt to find its way and sink deep into to fibre. Thus, you only need regular vacuuming to keep it in good condition and it will make things easier when it is time you do a more thorough Brisbane carpet cleaning.

And when it comes to comprehensive Brisbane carpet cleaning, you need to consider the material of your Berber carpet. That is because Berber Brisbane carpet is made of various materials or fibres and each fibre requires different care. The three most popular Berber Brisbane carpet materials are the wool, nylon and olefin.

If you have a wool Berber Brisbane carpet then it will be a lot easier to wash your carpet using water and non-toxic cleaning agent.

But with olefin, you need to give more attention.

Brisbane carpet made of olefin needs steam cleaning with high extraction water recovery that sometimes only professional Brisbane carpet cleaners can provide.

Berber Brisbane carpet with nylon fibres is more serviceable that wool and olefin. You can start with regular vacuuming and then go for dry carpet cleaning for a thorough carpet care.

The best thing about nylon Berber Brisbane carpet is it is abrasion resistant, resilient to heavy traffic and remains lustrous and elegant even after numerous cleaning cycles.

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