Remove Crayon Stain From Carpets

First, what is Crayon? Second, what are its properties? These are questions that must be answered before you can begin the removal process for any stain! Understanding the make-up of the product you’re dealing with is essential. A crayon is made of wax and a non-toxic coloring agent. Crayons are safe for children and adults to draw with, but not so friendly for your carpet. The crayon wax can be difficult to remove, but the dye used is another story. There are household remedies that have been circulating around for years about crayon removal. I’m sure there are people that have had success using some of these remedies. They have not encountered a “true” crayon emergency! I’m talking about crayon that has been buried into the carpet from heat or a drawing disaster! There are several ways to remove crayon from carpet. Here are some tips on how to remove crayon for more severe applications.

First, there are some tools required to get the job done.

Scraper (Putty Knife, Butter Knife etc…)
Paint, Oil & Grease Remover (Hardware Store)
Spray Bottle (Hardware Store)
Soft Bristle Brush
White Cloth (Wash Cloth)
Hot Water Extractor (Hardware Store)

First, do not rub the stain! Rubbing creates friction which causes the waxy crayon to bury deeper into the carpet. The crayon dye will smear across the carpet as well. You want to use the putty knife to remove as much of the crayon as possible. This may take some time! Be careful not to damage the carpet fibers….this will be difficult when scraping! Be gentle!

Second, after you have removed the majority of the waxy build-up you need to treat the stain.

You are going to use the Paint, Oil & Grease remover to treat the stain. You do not want to use the remover full strength. This can cause the carpet color to fade or damage your carpet fibers. So, mix 1 part remover and 3 parts water in your spray bottle. When using chemicals, be sure to follow the mixing instructions (if available) and use with great caution. Most solvents contain vapors that are harmful for you. So, read the label! Once you have the proper mixture, spray the stain and blot immediately! This is so the color from the crayon does not run and set deeper into the carpet. Once the majority of the color has been removed by treating & blotting then you can begin to agitate the stain lightly with the soft bristle brush. Do not rub hard with the brush. This will help loosen any debris and agitate the cleaning mixture into the carpet. Blot again! Continue this process until the color is completely gone!

Once the stain is removed then you need to clean the carpet to remove any leftover debris and chemical residue. Fill your hot water extractor with water and carpet cleaning solution. Be sure to read the directions before using the extractor and carpet solution for best results. Clean the stain with the extractor until chemical smell and debris are gone. At this point, the stain should be completely gone! If not, call a professional carpet cleaner.

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