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Rug Cleaning Boston would like to explain that when you select a carpet type, you’re often Rug Cleaning Bostonchoosing on the basis of the pile (the height of the fibres used to create the carpet) and the texture, or the way in which the fibres have been looped, cut and twisted. Here are the main types you’re likely to be faced with.

Rug Cleaning Boston On Loop Pile

When carpets start the manufacturing process, they’ll often be loop pile. The yarns will be looped and fastened to the backing. If you want strength and durability, you’ll almost certainly want a loop pile carpet. They also tend to have a ‘classic’ look that makes them very popular.

Level Loop – As the name suggests, the loops here are all of equal height, creating total consistency of surface. Level Loop are uncompromising and repetitious, if perhaps a little stiff and hard to the feel. Durability is excellent, and Level Loop is an excellent recommendation for areas that expect to see lots of footfall.

Berber – In contrast to Level Loop, a Berber carpet mixes up both small and large loops, creating a rather varied look that lacks the uniformity of Level Loop. Flecks of colour further enhance the look of most Berbers, although you can buy versions that employ one single colour only. It’s the unpredictable nature of a Berber carpet that makes it particularly charming. However, the carpets are also thick and hard-wearing, making them an excellent choice for most rooms. You should be careful if you have pets, as their claws can get caught on the fibres.

Rug Cleaning Boston On Cut Pile

Where Loop Pile is tough and durable, Cut Pile is softer and more friendly, with cut fibres that create a less stiff feel.

Saxony – With its lovely soft surface, it’s unsurprising that Saxony is such a popular choice in house after house. The yarns are densely packed, and the tips are kept apart rather than blended together, creating a feel of relative luxury. However, this carpet type isn’t without its problems. Footprints and vacuum marks will show up constantly, and keeping them clean and in top condition is a time-consuming task. So for areas that should see heavy footfall (halls, living rooms), it’s best to choose something else. They need to be a decent match for bedrooms as well.

Velvet or Plush – For the height of luxury, you’ll want to look to these Saxony-variations. Sheared to create a perfectly smooth finish, the yarns are barely twisted, allowing ends to blend in one unending plateau. Wonderful to the touch, they’re even less impractical than standard Saxony. Not only will footprints show up readily, but the fibres will lie differently across the carpet, creating highly varied patches of colour. High-maintenance, these should only be placed in areas where they’re likely to see low footfall.

Shag – Another Saxony variation, the Shag carpet uses long fibres to construct a truly lustrous surface that feels wonderful to the touch. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to flatten the surface, and Shag tends to be worn out within a short space of time. However, the Shag does have undeniable charm. Seemingly vanquished after its golden period in the 70s, the Shag carpet is making a comeback in modern times. Placed in an area of low footfall, like a bedroom, it can still be a good choice for when that extra hint of decadence is required.

Frieze – Frieze carpets couldn’t be much more a contrast to Shag. In a Frieze carpet, the fibres are cut very short, tightly twisted, and heat set. This creates a highly-durable surface that can withstand even relatively heavy footfall. Because the fibres are allowed to curl in different directions, there’s very little to trap footprints, making them extremely easy to keep clean and pristine. The texture is rather coarse and grainy, and Frieze clearly lacks the pleasurable sensations of a Shag or Plush carpet. However, they are rather more practical.

Cut and Loop Pile – This type sits somewhere between Loop and Cut Pile, combining the techniques to create a surface that feels softer than loop pile, but that lasts better than cut pile. This sort could be highly patterned which creates a pleasant-looking but relatively durable surface that works well in most rooms.

Rug Cleaning Boston On Woven

Now these carpets really are the choices for the very best in luxury. The whole manufacting process is really intensive, and the patterns tend to be very intricate. Unsurprisingly, these carpets will set you back considerable sums.

Axminster – The pile here is very carefully woven and cut to length, producing a wonderful velvet surface that combines beautiful patterns with excellent durability. The price is likely to be significant, but these carpets will last for ages and their appearance will be superb.

Wilton – Not dissimilar to Axminster, Wilton uses a continuous fibre, and this is then cut to produce a range of stunning designs and effects. Very expensive, but breathtaking in terms of quality and durability.

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