Steam Carpet Cleaning Techniques

There have been several techniques of carpet cleaning being worked upon by the experts on fabric beautification. One of the techniques is Steam Cleaning. Though it does not sound as such a complex and innovative way but it processes the cleaning in a very methodical format. The carpet is firstly exposed to a preconditioning which includes an alkaline agent to be poured or spread out on the carpet. The preconditioning agent is a sort of a detergent that removes the stains.

After the alkaline agent has been spread, the carpet needs a brushing out of the stains and dust stored in the fibers. The brushing, also known as agitation should not be too hard to cause any kind of damage to the fibers of the carpet. Then the carpet will need to be left alone for the stains, dust and insecticides to surface up and be removed later through a pressurizing tool. The pressuring tool rinse out the preconditioned from the carpet the get it free of the alkaline agent. Then acetic acid is used to balance the pH level in the carpet fibers. This steam cleaning system is used in order to avoid soaps and such. Steam cleaning uses a detergent solution which is also carbonated at times to dissolve the organic elements in the carpet. The carpet is then dried which takes about 4-12 hours, including the whole process. The detergent solutions are better in the way as they dry and form crystals instead of dissolving in the fibers. The extraction of hot water is the most crucial stage in the process of using steam cleaning. It needs large amount of water as compared to other methods.

There is another method for carpet cleaning which is attracting much attention lately. It is Dry Cleaning method and also known as very low moisture method too. It takes lesser water than other methods and takes very little time in drying. Though the time in drying is decreased but the dwelling time, the time the detergent has to remain on the carpet, is increased somewhat. Then there is Dry Compound, which almost 98% biodegradable and said to be a good option for the cleaning. The compound needs to be spread on the carpet and then scrubbed with a brush. It is mostly done manually but the machines available for carpet cleaning are also advisable.

Encapsulation is another method highly recommended by experts. It actually crystallizes the soil and dust particles in the carpet. The compound that is used in the cleaning process absorbs the dirt into the crystals and removes the dirt, stain and debris from the carpet. Once the dirt is in the form of crystal residue, met can be easily vacuumed. The method of Bonnet is an alternative which involves lesser effort but greater drying time. It is not exactly in the category of dry cleaning method. It does not clean from the depth. The oldest method of carpet cleaning is the wet shampooing. It uses rotary machines to remove the stains. Now it has been overtaken by newer methods.

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