Remove Pet Stains from Carpets

The best way to remove pet stains from carpets is to do it right away. Removing the odors and the stain can prove difficult if they have been allowed to set. You need to follow the basics of cleaning like avoiding harsh chemicals and scrubbing.

Vomit Stains

To remove vomit stains, you need to clean up the bulk of the stain with paper towels or old newspapers and dispose properly. Then it is necessary to blot the wet area with paper towels, tissue or absorbent cloth. The pet vomit stains can’t be treated with a cleaning solution made up of a cup of lukewarm water and¼ teaspoon of mild detergent.

Apply the solution to the area of the stains using an absorbent cloth and continue until there is no more stain. You then need to make another solution of 2 cups or lukewarm water mixed with a cup of white vinegar. Apply this second solution to the stained portion of carpet. The solution need to be rinsed off using lukewarm clean water by wetting the stained carpet fibers. The area then needs to be thoroughly blotted dry. You can remove the odor by sprinkling some baking soda and leaving it overnight. The carpet can then be vacuumed the following day.

Urine Stains

To remove pet urine stains from carpets, the moisture needs to be soaked up by rags or paper towels. The area then needs to be cleaned with a solution of one cup lukewarm water and one cup white vinegar. Apply the solution to the carpet with a cloth and try to work it through the fibers. Blot the area with paper towels.

Once the area dries, sprinkle baking soda liberally.

Prepare a solution that mixes a teaspoon of mild detergent with 3% hydrogen peroxide. This solution needs to be poured over the baking soda and should be worked into the fibers. Rinse off with lukewarm and clear water. Vacuum the carpet in order to remove the excess moisture and the pet urine stains.

Feces Stains

To remove pet feces stains from your carpets, you will need to remove all the solids by using old newspapers, putting your hand inside an old plastic bag and picking it up, or by scooping it up with a spatula. The area needs to be moistened with a solution of lukewarm water and white vinegar. Blot the area with tissues or paper towels. Then you need to apply a solution of a teaspoon of mild detergent and one cup of lukewarm water until the stains are gone. Baking soda needs t be sprinkled liberally and left overnight. It can be vacuumed the following day.


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Residential And Commercial Carpets: Cleaning And Maintenance In Cape Corral

In the United States, carpet cleaning and maintenance is a necessity. Environmental protection agencies recommend regular cleaning of carpets. There are two classes of carpets, namely, residential and commercial carpets. Carpet cleaning companies use cleaning agents and vacuums in carpet cleaning services.

Carpets are very different from ceramics and marble flooring. Unlike other flooring types, they are made up of piles of fibers, mainly divided into two layers. The topmost carpet layer is composed of carpet fibers, usually made of wool and polypropylene. Carpet fibers are attached to the support layer, also known as backing. The backing serves as foundation of carpet floors, keeping the fibers of the top layer together.

Residential carpets are used in private houses. Manufacturers weave small volume of carpet fibers on residential carpets. Likewise, they have a smaller dimension. Carpet cleaning companies recommend the use of walk-off mats. Walk-off mats are placed on the doorway. They absorb dust, dirt, and soil particles from the soles of shoes and slippers. Moreover, regular vacuuming is essential in maintaining residential carpets. This preserves the fine texture of carpet fibers. Residential carpets use low-powered vacuum cleaners. Low-powered vacuum cleaners sift small amount of dust and soil particles from carpet surface.

Commercial carpets require more intense cleaning and maintenance. In Cape Coral, carpet manufacturers weave higher volume of carpet fibers on commercial carpets, producing commercial carpets in bigger dimensions. They are used museums, corporate offices, and hotels. Unlike residential carpets, commercial carpets require high-powered vacuum cleaners. High-powered vacuum cleaners filter bigger volume of dust and dirt, and they are strong enough to absorb tiny particles embedded on carpet backing. Commercial centers have carpet cleaning cape coral maintenance teams.

carpet cleaning cape coral maintenance teams preserve carpet materials. Maintenance teams are acquired from carpet cleaning companies. They vacuum carpets regularly. High-traffic areas are normally vacuumed on a daily basis. Low-traffic areas are vacuumed at least two times a week. Regular vacuuming is necessary in carpet maintenance. It prevents discoloration of carpet fibers.

Moreover, carpet cleaning cape coral FL maintenance teams perform steam cleaning on commercial carpets. Steam cleaning is done two to three times a year. In steam cleaning, professionals use truck-mounted vacuum cleaners. Carpets are soaked in hot water and specialized carpet detergent. Vacuum extracts water and detergent residue from the carpet. Steam cleaning is also known as hot water extraction method.

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Healthy Carpets And Happy Homes Carpet Cleaning Services In Surrey

While your carpets may look clean, you might be surprised to learn that they almost certainly are not! Carpets are made up of fibrous materials either natural or synthetic and amongst these tiny fibres dwell a whole host of objectionable little characters. Some people view carpets as a decidedly unhealthy choice of floor covering, however scientists have recently pointed out that carpets can act as a natural filter, trapping pollutants in their fibres.

Just about any cleaning products you use regularly in your home will leave some residue in the air, each member of your family spends a large amount of time shedding skin cells, and pets do the same along with shedding a ridiculous amount of hair. Dust and dirt are everywhere as even the least observant mother-in-law is always eager to point out. Carpets, in effect, form a sort of storage area for all this unseen muck and grime, trapping it in their fibres.

While this is useful in the short term, it inevitably means that dust mites and other harmful organisms will take up residence, and it is these little devils that can lead to allergies or intolerances. Asthma and skin irritation are common reactions to dust mites, and the worst news is that all of this dirt and filth can build up to high levels before a carpet even begins to look dirty!

Regular vacuuming is of course the key to removing the dirt and dust stored in your carpets. A good cleaning regime will ensure that a large proportion of the harmful elements in your carpets are removed before they become a problem. However, due to the nature of carpets, vacuuming cannot remove 100% of the dirt they contain. Small fibres that make up the weave of the carpets will determinedly cling on to residue. For this reason many carpet manufacturers and industry specialist recommend that carpets should be cleaned professionally once every six to twelve months.

There are different types of professional cleaning options available which broadly speaking fall into two categories either wet or dry. Hot water extraction or steam cleaning is a well known and extremely effective way to kill all harmful bacteria and to leave your carpets as good as new. Dry cleaning methods use chemicals and specialist equipment to achieve the same results. Modern chemicals or compounds are generally environmentally friendly and should not cause allergic reactions.

Both types of cleaning for your carpets should be undertaken by professionals. Wet cleaning methods are fairly straightforward, but water-damage, inadequate drying time or processes can lead to further problems. Moulds and fungi, which may be even more harmful than the dirt you are trying to clean, can develop if not undertaken by experts. Dry cleaning techniques are more technical and should always be undertaken by professional carpet cleaning companies.

Ensuring that you follow a regular vacuuming programme and arranging carpet cleaning by a professional company at least once every year will help to maintain the health of your carpets, clearing away harmful bacteria and allergens. Professional cleaning will also prolong the life of your carpets leaving them fresh and looking as good as new.

Kieran Cassidy works on behalf of Carpet Cleaning Surrey. Specialising in all aspects of carpet cleaning, for professional Professional Carpet Cleaning in Surrey look no further.

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Properly Steam Cleaning Carpets

I wanted to talk to you about how you properly steam clean a carpet. I know there are a lot of people out there trying to save money in this economy. The fact is that you still need to keep your house clean and keeping your carpets clean is important. The longer you wait to clean them, the more likely that they’ll remain dirty, which is obviously something that you don’t want to happen. Steam has provided an excellent tool for us to help clean things in our home without the use of chemicals. Not only that, but all you need is water to use, so you’re obviously going to save money.

The first step that you’re going to have to do when it comes to steam cleaning is clearing out your carpeted room. Trust me, doing this first will save you a lot of headaches with moving around furniture while you’re in the middle of the cleaning process.

After the room is cleared out you’re going to have to prepare your cleaner for use. This means that you have to fill it up with water and allow it to heat up to a state where it can produce heat. If you want, you can also add a little vinegar to the water solution to help step up the cleaning power.

Lastly, after you finish doing the entire room you’re going to let it dry completely. Don’t start taking in your furniture thinking that it will dry good. It is highly likely that you’ll end up with a mold problem if you do this. Let the room dry all together, than bring in the furniture.

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Cleaning Your Carpets Easily: Tips For Removing Red Wine Stains

It is true that a stain can easily destroy a fabric if it is not removed immediately. Stains turn all the more brown on standing making it more and more difficult to be removed. However, things get worse when it comes to carpets. A few drops of red wine on your carpet are enough to make you believe that your carpet is completely destroyed? It is high time that you change your mind! Here are some useful tips that will help you blot the stains of red wine out of your carpet before you are stuck with a permanent stain.


An accident can occur anytime nevertheless if your response is immediate you may reduce its effect. Equally, when it comes to stains the more they remain on carpets the more difficult it gets to get rid of them. This is the reason why you have to treat the stains as soon as possible. From a small drop to a whole glass of red wine it can be a disaster on your carpet. Thus if this happens don’t let the stain dry on your carpet.

Your allies in the struggle against a red wine stain could be a pinch of salt and a piece of cloth. As a first response sprinkle salt on the stain. Salt has the ability to absorb liquid thus let it act till you find the materials needed to blot the stain out of your carpet. Take a clean cloth and start blotting the stain. Repeat several times alternating the parts of cloth so that you use a clean side every time. You can also use some paper towels too. A small amount of warm water poured on the stain will be your next step in case that the mark remains there. Blot the stain again several times.

Alternatively, you can clean the affected area pouring white wine on the red wine stain.

This method of cleaning will work only if you act immediately pouring the white wine straight away on the stain. Wash in cold water and ammonia in order to remove the white wine.


If none of the above works and provided that you continue to see a mark on your carpet you will have to negotiate some more stain removing techniques. Hopefully enough there are several simple and easy techniques that could help you remove the stain of your carpet. Nonetheless, you should always test any carpet cleaning technique to a hidden area of your carpet in order to make sure that it won’t have a negative impact on it.

You can pour some glycerine on the dampened stain and scour with your fingers. Let it act for half an hour. Then you can rinse using warm water and a clean and dry cloth. Another technique uses hydrogen peroxide. Mix a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide with a cup of carpet stain remover shampoo and rub the stain with a sponge.

Furthermore, another option could be a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. Baking soda is well known for its stain fighting force and it will do a great job on your carpet. Put the mixture directly on the stain and let it dry on it. Then remove the mixture using a clean cloth. You can equally use laundry soap instead of baking soda. A few minutes later you won’t see the stain on your carpet. However, if you still see a mark use a carpet stain remover following the manufacturer’s instructions.


Following the advice above you will be able to get rid of red wine stains. However, if you want to save both unnecessary time and effort you should better hire a reputable carpet cleaning company that will have your carpet cleaned fast and easily. Use the internet and you will be able to find many different carpet cleaning companies that will serve you the best possible way.

Melbourne Carpet Cleaning offers professional services in order to help you save time effort and money while keeping your carpets clean. Hiring professionals you will be able to have your carpets cleaned whenever and wherever you need fast and easily. No matter what your circumstances Melbourne Carpet Cleaning will be there to serve you the best possible way.

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For last long carpets & rugs-get Professional Upholstery Cleaners today

We all know that regular cleaning of carpets and rugs are very important for their long life and fresh look. Regular cleaning with vacuum or immediate cleaning of stains and spots can help you to keep your carpets clean for a longer duration but still deep cleaning is always required at least once in a year for complete cleaning and long life of your expensive rugs and carpets.

If you want a real care and want to maintain your expensive carpets of your home, rugs or leather items for a long time, it’s better to hire professional carpet cleaners. Upholstery Cleaners and carpet cleaners have expertise in cleaning different types of materials in a right manner. Now a day’s carpets and rugs are made up of synthetic fibers, such as nylon, polyester, or olefin, and most deep cleaning methods are appropriate for them. For expensive carpets like Persian carpets and rugs special care and washing instructions are recommended. Professional Persian Rug cleaners are proficient in deep cleaning and conditioning of these expensive rugs and carpets made out of natural fibers. Natural fiber made carpets and rugs cannot be cleaned with ordinary cleaning machines, they need special equipments which keep caution of not using heavy brushes and beaters or bleaching agents.

Carpet cleaners and Rug Cleaners Sydney use specialized modern technologies of cleaning. They carefully examine the rug or carpet material before cleaning.

Cautiously they make sure that there should be no use of chemicals of cleaning agents which can damage the colors of the rug.

Spending on Rug and carpet cleaning is not an unnecessary expense. It is an investment in your lovely rugs to preserve and save them from being worn out and deteriorating. Preserving and saving your rugs is not only a matter of financial interest.

Stains of food or any eatable material, dust, dirt and grit inside the pile of a rug which acts like sand paper and damages the fiber of the rug and makes it worn out sooner. Cleaning them with vacuum or just scrubbing doesn’t clean it properly. So it becomes necessary to have a complete cleaning for rugs and carpets. At the same time carpets full of dirt are dangerous for health as they can be reasons for allergies, asthma attacks etc.

Upholstery Cleaners are expert in cleaning leather items as well. Leather cleaning must be conducted by a thoroughly trained professional to ensure that it is treated properly. It becomes important that when leather furniture or a leather lounge is cleaned, their softness and luster should be maintained. Professional cleaners clean valuable leather furnishings with the appropriate Ph neutral leather cleaner and gently remove any dust and stains. They use conditioning cream which moisturizes the leather, allowing it to breathe making it softer for a longer time. The conditioner penetrates the leather, stopping the fibers from chafing and breaking, inhibiting future oxidation and maintaining a desirable level of moisture in the leather without leaving a greasy residue.





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