Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental rugs strictly speaking are made of wool and hand made thru a painstaking process of hand weaving that is made to produce colorful, intricate and highly stylized designs. These can be hung or be strewn on the floor for utility and/or ornamentation.

When one thinks of oriental rugs people envision carpet like materials that are thicker in weave, and evoke Asian and Middle Eastern patterns. Oriental rug owners however envision highly priced ornaments that are expensive to clean but even more expensive to maintain.  This is because the fabrics used are usually thick, natural, and soft, which means too little maintenance will not cut it but too much can ruin the weave and totally destroy the rug.

As the popular saying goes “prevention is better than a cure”, in like manner keeping an Oriental rug clean starts by preventing dirt from getting into contact with the rug.  If an oriental rug is strewn in the floor, then shoes and slippers should be left outdoors. A useful tip is to leave Oriental rugs in a highly visible location but in a place that does not receive too much traffic so as to prevent wear and tear.

Oriental Rug Cleaning should be done sparingly or only when really needed, professional cleaning is also recommended for very expensive oriental rugs. But the trick is knowing when an oriental rug needs cleaning.  A very useful tip to remember is that oriental rugs normally have some degree of dust and loose fibers on it, however if the rug is lifted and a light nudge on the backside create a dust cloud, or the bottom portion already abounds with dusts then cleaning is already needed.

As with all expensive things, professional care and cleaning is preferred but personal care should still be done regularly.  Here are some useful tips on how to personally clean oriental rugs:

Regular vacuuming should be done on both sides of the rug, since in most cases dust build up subsides and settles to the floor itself.  Agitating the rug with a vacuum and brush accessory should be done in moderation, with care and in regular strokes per quadrant.  Regular vacuuming is the cleaning solution of choice if an oriental rug is hanged on a wall.

Spills should be cleaned off as soon as possible to prevent staining and odor from seeping in the weave.  The longer the stain or spill is left in the rug the harder the stain is to remove and/or the odor to dissipate.  A very useful tip on Oriental rug cleaning is to run the affected area with cool water, taking special care to wet and treat with shampoo or detergent only the affected area.

Any solution applied should be rinsed off as instructed since leaving a solution for a longer period of time can discolor the weave.  After rinsing it is very important to spot dry the area affected with a towel, then keep the wool suspended in a well ventilated area until moisture is totally removed from the rug.

If an oriental rug is to be kept in storage the rug should be rolled not folded, then wrapped with clean and dry materials made of clothe and kept in a dry container with a few moth crystals.  Using plastic materials and/or airtight containers is a definite no-no because plastic materials can trap moisture which can cause mildew and the rug needs a bit of circulating air.  Lastly, remember Oriental rug cleaning need not be expensive if it is kept and maintained properly.

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Benefits Of Carpet Steam Cleaning

There are many methods of carpet cleaning. Most homeowners prefer to buy off-the-shelf products such as carpet shampoos and try to deal with the issue of dirty carpets themselves. This is not a wise option because carpets are a host to many contaminants and germs that can harm the health of those who are exposed. The most effective method of carpet cleaning is the steam cleaning method, also known as hot water extraction. By applying this technique, a complete and thorough cleaning and sanitization of the carpet can be made. It even clears all particles and residue that is left behind when shampoos are used.

The method is termed as steam cleaning because the procedure involves use of steam to clean the carpet. Water is finely sprayed to push the dirt out of carpet. This water is pulled back afterwards using the vacuum slot. Usually a vendor dependent solution of detergent and water is used which is then sucked up using robust vacuum. There are options to use either a portable unit or truck mounted system for carrying out the process. Depending on the requirement and extent of are that needs to be treated, the right equipment will be chosen.

Steam cleaning is a preferred option over shampoo cleaning because of the many benefits it has over the latter. One major problem with shampoo cleaning is re-soiling. Another problem is that shampoos only conceal the dirt into the depth of carpet. Optical brighteners present in shampoo gives the illusion of cleaner look. However, as time passes, it will eventually stain the carpet.

Regular cleaning sessions make the steam cleaning method more effective. Usually people call for these services when the discoloration takes place.

A common misconception with most people is that a carpet needs to be cleaned only when it appears to be dirty. Instead, it is recommended once in every one or one and half year. This frequency may vary depending on the carpet quality and extent of usage.

The choice of the right cleaning method is important for better carpet and upholstery cleaning. There are some methods that leave residues and result in regeneration of soil and dirt. Some methods and materials end up damaging the carpet fibers. Inappropriate methods lead to staining, over-wetting, fiber damage, excessive use of detergent and rigorous re-soiling. It is, therefore, recommended that carpet cleaning experts must be consulted before applying any method.

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Carpet Cleaning Options ? DIY or Commercial?

It has always been the dominion of professional carpet cleaners to clean and maintain carpets.  But as technologies develop and mature, matters that were hitherto “technical” becomes routine and commonplace.

Present-day carpet owners have become semi-professionalised carpet cleaners.  Housekeeping magazines, which have already unavoidably invaded the internet, offer guides and tips for housekeeping, general cleaning and maintenance.

The carpet, because of its structural make up and locational setting, makes it an easy haven for dirt, dust, soil, grime, clothing moths, carpet beetles and mites – all effective allergens.  On top of that, wine spills, ice cream, soda pop, tiny food scraps and human sweat all contribute to the general shabby look and unsanitary condition of the neglected carpet.  What’s worse, they provide food for the allergenic insects and microbes, enabling them to be healthy and fecund.

But do not despair.  Do not forget that carpets do add beauty and sophistication to the whole atmosphere.  When properly cared for.  Besides, it adds both physical and psychological comfort when kept in first-rate state.

There are many procedures that aim to keep your carpet always healthy and better-looking.  Aside from the normal do-it-yourself methods you easily find in magazines and through the internet, the following professional techniques assure the carpet owner of a long-lasting brand-new look to his prized carpet:

· Steam Cleaning

Also termed “hot water extraction” involving passing an automatic cleaning tool over the carpet, rinsing out all unwanted particles, preconditioners and residue.  The process that typically takes 4-12 hours effectively restores the pH balance of the carpet fibres.

· Dry-cleaning

Works in the same manner with steam cleaning but has rapid-drying action.  What makes the dry cleaning possible is the use of specialised machines and dry compounds and solutions.

· Dry Compound

By far the simplest of industrial carpet cleaning methods.  Maybe even made DIY by more determined carpet owners.  Involves evenly spreading a 98% biodegradable dry-cleaning absorbent compound, then scrubbed and brushed in.  The compound attracts dirt and grime making it easy to be vacuumed off for instant clean and dry carpet.

· Encapsulation

A fast 1990-technology process that is believed to improve carpet appearance because it involves “encapsulating” (actually crystallising) dirt particles dry on contact.  Instantly ready for vacuum, the carpet can immediately be used after the process, making it the favoured industrial method, especially for high-traffic carpet installations.

· Bonnet

So named because of use of a “bonnet” which buffs out the mist created by a cleaning product mixed with club soda.  Lacks sanitising action as compared to wet carpet cleaning, necessitating application of an anti-microbial agent after the process.

· Shampoo

Traditionally used coconut-based soaps which left powerful residues from the unrinsed shampoo foam that tend to collect dirt after cleaning.  That led to the misconception that shampooing made the carpet age faster.  This changed when synthetic detergents were used allowing the loosened dirt particles clinging to the dried shampoo powder to be vacuumed easily.

How do you keep your carpet looking and feeling clean and healthy?

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Carpet Cleaning Products

Carpet cleaning products are primarily designed to clean, deodorize and disinfect your carpet to not only make it look great, but to also make it safe and pleasant for the whole family to enjoy. The carpet cleaning industry is a highly competitive one with many different brands and products on the market. It can sometimes be difficult to know which product to choose to get the best possible deal in terms of economy and overall protection.

Carpets are an expensive investment, but they make a home warmer and more enjoyable to live in. They also look good and generally add value to your house. Over time they lose that pristine shine, and though you can’t actually see it for yourself, they accumulate bacteria and all kinds of nasty things that you really don’t want your precious children crawling through. It’s time to start looking at, carpet cleaning products to choose one that will rejuvenate, clean and disinfect your carpet once again, making it safe, smelling nice and looking great.

Antimicrobial is probably a word you don’t use very often, but it’s one of the main ingredients you should look for when checking out carpet cleaning products. An antimicrobial product will keep down on all unwanted microorganisms. It will also reduce the likelihood of your carpet developing mildew or mold in dark, moist corners. When your carpet isn’t under attack from the unseen enemies, it will last longer and look much better. More importantly though, your carpet will also be safer for everyone.

It is also important that any chemical product you use to clean carpets does not cause any long-term damage to the carpet. The product should only remove all the unwanted bacteria, mold and mildew, as well as any dirt, grit and whatever else has found its way into the carpet pile, without undermining the basic integrity of the carpet. This will leave you free to clean your carpet regularly with the same product, knowing that it is protecting your beautiful carpet and protecting your family too.

Cleaning a carpet in the old days usually meant scrubbing the pile with whatever cleaning agent happened to be close to hand. It probably did help to keep down on bacteria, and it probably removed much of the dirt too, but the exercise inevitably caused more damage than it was worth. Today’s carpet cleaning products are engineered to both clean and protect. They cause a minimal degree of disruption to your carpet while bringing it as close to its original condition as possible. This is good for you, good for your family, and good for your carpet too.

Tom Silver is an experience copywriter who has spent over 6 years focusing on a variety of subjects including carpet cleaning products and , antimicrobial products. He also specialises in the Digital Media, Online Bingo and Social Media industries.

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Residential Carpet Cleaning to Forget Your Stains

You live in a home, go to work, or go to schools and colleges, where you do your regular duty. If these places are not kept clean you won’t even like to visit there. Cleanliness is essential everywhere, as it will not only keep you away from diseases but also keep the environment healthy. There are certain areas where dust gets accumulated and are not seen and hence not cleaned always. The carpets are one particular area which should be cleaned regularly, as they are always open to the outdoor environment.

Almost every home has carpet today, which they clean with the help of a vacuum cleaner. But a vacuum cleaner cannot always excel in cleaning it properly leaving the carpet as dirty as it was before. Residential Carpet Cleaning services are important to professionally clean up your carpets and keep them free from germs. Cleaning the carpet yourself is not beneficial in the long run, and will consume a lot of time. It is best to hire a Residential Carpet Cleaning professional so that your carpet does not smell and overall protect you from diseases that might affect your children. Home is a place where children and pets play, sometimes leaving stains in your carpet. These stains cannot be easily removed by a simple vacuum cleaner, and requires a professional expert to do the work perfectly.

Carpets are not only important for looks, they reduce noise, help save on heating and air conditioning. Carpets of an office should also be kept clean always, and kept in a tip top shape so that whenever your clients visit, they feel happy to be dealing with you. Commercial Carpet Cleaning New Jersey is mandatory to remove the deeply imbedded dirt you have in your carpet, and give your business place an identity. It takes a long time to build an image and a single negative opinion can destroy that image. So you should hire a Commercial Carpet Cleaning company to keep your office environment hygienic and dust free.

The main problem about natural calamities is that they come unalarmed, leaving you no option to save yourselves or your property. Flooding is one big problem that can be caused by storms, natural disasters, broken pipes and other sources. Water Damage Cleanup in NJ can help you quickly to avoid further damage of your property and prevent the walls from mildew and bacteria. Thoroughly New Jersey Air Duct Cleaning is essential to remove the water from your home and prevent mold and the need for expensive mold remediation services. Professional Water Damage Cleanup NJ will restore your home or business to the same condition as before the water damage occurred. is well known for its services of providing with experienced, licensed and insured cleaning companies in New Jersey. A Tile & Grout Cleaning company can help for finding a qualified and reputable agent for all cleaning needs from routine services, such as dryer vent cleaning or carpet cleaning to flood damage cleanup, mold remediation and Kitchen Floor Cleaning.

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Eco friendly Organic Carpet Cleaning Solutions


Most of the cleaning services today make use of harmful solutions which can not just ruin the quality of the area they are applied to but can also be very dangerous for the health of the people utilizing that area and also the environment. Most cleaning solutions are non biodegradable and consist of chemicals that can enter into the food chain and cause various health issues which are not just limited to humans. Such substances are commonly found in upholstery and carpet cleaning solutions which make use of harsh chemicals for the impenetrable dirt present in the upholstery articles and also in all carpets and rugs. Since these chemical solutions are harmful to be used on daily basis therefore the carpet and rug cleaning industry has come up with safer pure organic carpet cleaning solutions that are not just a lot better in terms of wellbeing but are also more effective when it comes to cleaning.


All carpet cleaning service providers know that chemicals like Butyl, chlorine and Limonene including many others are usually very hazardous for ones health and therefore with this aim organic cleaners have started making use of substances that are good for cleaning and are also non toxic, natural, non carcinogenic etc. Since one cannot avoid cleaning since it is essential therefore it is better to avoid harsh cleaning agents since the industry today is stocked with natural ways that are very beneficial for each one present in your house including the carpet or rug you wish to get cleaned. Make a well informed choice and pick up a professional service that ensures satisfactory results and safe undertakings.

Go green for every upholstery, carpet or rug you may own be it a woolen rug, a synthetic carpet a beautiful curtain, or whether it is your grand Persian rug cleaning or even something as general as blinds cleaning. Green solutions are also pretty reasonable and do not require any extra spending from your side.

This approach is very eco friendly and the substances that are used for this reason are edible variants which are biodegradable and can be effectively put to cleaning purposes. So instead of opting for harsh cleaning solutions go in for natural ways that keep your family healthy and also keep your place looking bright and clean without any risks being involved on the overall level. Do not go by the stereotypes that only chemical cleaning agents can work well instead go for the new cleaning way on the block.




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Truck Mount Rug Cleaning Recommendations

Carpet cleaning has never been so simple. After some very careful factors, numerous providers have come to recognise the reality that carpets need some exceptional; attention as with every other stuff inside your home. This has resulted in the development of a number of methods of carpet cleaning and this includes the now famous truck mount carpet cleaning.

The way in which most of our real estate are built, it is often difficult to find space to spread carpets and clean it thoroughly. Due to this cause, a number of businesses designed trucks that come fully equipped with all the cleaning agents, the water and all other facilities which are needed to clean carpets. This has made the cleaning of carpeting and rugs an extremely effortless process because every one of the client needs to do is give the company the go ahead and they would take off your carpet and spread it out next to their truck and wash it well. 

The truck mount rug cleaning involves the use of a track with a long water horse pipe that allows the cleaner to spray the carpet with the steam cleaner where applicable and give the carpet an excellent scrubbing to get rid of any stains or bad smells that might have pilled up over time. Considering that the process of cleaning carpets forces someone to travel around town, it’s only natural that a company that plans to do this type of work on a long term basis should invest in a mobile unit that will enable them move freely without the risk of inconvenience.

With truck mount carpet cleaning, both cleaners and also the consumer are favored. For that client, potential risk of having to stop other common routines in your home simply because some carpet cleaners are taking over your home is out of the question, on the flip side, the carpet cleaners have all the freedom to pick carpeting and move with it out of the house where they can do their job without any disruption.

Truck mount rug cleaning is therefore a sure method of taking on all your rug cleaning needs correctly. For many cleaning firms, the possibility of losing most of your cleaning tools when you have to go and do the cleaning in the homes of clients is very high. This is because at the conclusion of the cleaning, you are likely to forget small things like brushes, cleaning detergents and solutions among other items that could easily be misplaced inside the home of the client during the hustles of cleaning.

Alternatively if you work with the truck mount carpet cleaning Calgary concept, everything is mostly in the van and you don’t have to litter the place with all your cleaning equipment. The other dilemma that truck mount Calgary carpet cleaning helps eliminate is the damage to equipment while you carry them top to bottom stair cases or into the lifts on a daily basis. This is because you will only have to carry out carpet cleaning wand plus hoses and take it back after cleaning thereby avoiding the rough treatment of your machine.

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Overlook About Carpet Cleaning Suppliers – Guaranteed!

More compact spots are most without difficulty eliminated by right attacking the stain with a towel / cloth, warm water and a drop of dish-washing liquid. Skim the detergent and rub gently. This method often operates effectively on most types of carpets, both equally artificial and wool carpets.

Carpet Cleansing Strategies Explained – Encapsulation Cleansing

The minimal amounts of h2o utilized in encapsulation cleansing indicates it is the suitable cleaning system to use to make certain no injury to pc, telephone and other cabling discovered in offices, very often concealed inside suspended flooring, which could be susceptible to above wetting working with other strategies.

There is substantially much less soil attracting residue left in the carpet following encapsulation cleaning, thus cutting down the risk of re-soiling, meaning carpets remain cleaner for extended.

Expanding Your Carpet Cleansing Organisation

Marketing and internet marketing are time-honored strategies to increase your small business. No matter whether you’re heading for the broad coverage of a yellow pages ad or a targeted mailing to prospects and clientele, maintain your identify out there.

Be sure to have a sturdy on the internet presence as very well. Make positive your enterprise internet site is up to date and rather simple to study, and if you’re managing any specials, place those up on the house page exactly where customers can see them. Contemplate social media websites like Twitter and Facebook as a way to achieve an audience predisposed to appreciating and acting on your message.

Acquiring a Hoover SteamVac F5914-900 Carpet Cleaner – How Do You Get a Superb Offer On the web?

Comparison online sites are a superior destination to start browsing, purely go to an on line search engine and sort in the identify of your product or service, a plus indicator and the phrase comparison or compare, top deal and so forth.

When seeking for high quality offers and prices on-line, remember that not all stores you will discover will be respectable ones, there may well be rip-off web pages mixed in with effective shops, and it is many times really hard to inform if they are respected seller or not so be mindful also recall not all the reliable stores you notice will present you no charge or discount delivery and dealing with.

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Why Using A Carpet Cleaning Professional Can Save You Money

A common misconception is that when you do things yourself you will end up saving lots of money, but by the time you have taken into account the time you spend doing something, the products needed to produce results and also the experience necessary, you might end up deciding that paying someone to do the job for you is often a much more cost effective approach.

When it comes to your carpets, trying to keep them clean yourself can be really challenging, especially if you want to achieve the results that a really good cleaning company can.

Below, we take a look at our perspective on the reasons that we think using a carpet cleaning company can actually save you more money than by doing it yourself.

Experience – An established company will have years of experience and many happy customers who will be able to boast about their work, something that you will never be able to match if you are trying to do things yourself. Cleaning carpets is no different to any other profession; the more experienced you are the better at the job you will be, knowing all of the tips and tricks of your trade.

Quality – When you take a look at the machinery, tools and products that a cleaning company will use, you would have to spend thousands to even come close, which means that you will never get the same quality as a cleaning company. Even if you brought all the products you needed to, you then have to store them somewhere and keep them updated, something that is just not affordable for something you might do every now and then.

Ability – Most decent carpet cleaning companies have a range of highly powered tools, machines and the best in carpet cleaning products; simply a range that the average homeowner cannot compete with.

Hiring a small carpet cleaning machine has nothing in comparison to a truck mount carpet cleaner that can come into your home and really deliver instant results that will last a long time.

Duration – When you look at how long the process might take you to do properly and then also consider how the long the actual effects will last for, you can quickly see that by hiring a cleaning company to come and do the job could save you money. If you spend 4 hours doing the job and the results only last for a few weeks, when you take into account the money you spend on the products you could actually be wasting your time and money!

Although there is little doubt that we can all clean our own carpets, when it comes to the results and the quality of the clean is where using a professional carpet cleaning company can really save you money, even if you are paying them to do it. 

Britannia Cleaning Services are based in Gloucester and offering commercial and domestic cleaning services in Gloucester, Cheltenham and the surrounding areas, including carpet cleaning , curtain cleaning, upholstery cleaning, window cleaning commercial based cleaning and cleaning hire


Quality – When you take a look at the machinery, tools and products that a cleaning company will use, you would have to spend thousands to even come close, which means that you will never get the same quality as a cleaning company. Even if you brought all the products you needed to, you then have to store them somewhere and keep them updated, something that is just not affordable for something you might do every now and then.

Ability – Most decent carpet cleaning companies have a range of highly powered tools, machines and the best in carpet cleaning products; simply a range that the average homeowner cannot compete with. Hiring a small carpet cleaning machine has nothing in comparison to a truck mount carpet cleaner that can come into your home and really deliver instant results that will last a long time.

Duration – When you look at how long the process might take you to do properly and then also consider how the long the actual effects will last for, you can quickly see that by hiring a cleaning company to come and do the job could save you money. If you spend 4 hours doing the job and the results only last for a few weeks, when you take into account the money you spend on the products you could actually be wasting your time and money!

Although there is little doubt that we can all clean our own carpets, when it comes to the results and the quality of the clean is where using a professional carpet cleaning company can really save you money, even if you are paying them to do it. 

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At Home Carpet Cleaning Machines

When it comes to keeping the rugs and carpets in your home looking their very best, you have a few different options to choose from. One would be to to attempt to be ultra careful when treading on the carpets in your home. That includes making sure that you never wear shoes inside your home; that you never have food or drink on or near the carpets; and that you essentially treat your home like a museum. Since this is completely impractical for most people, some will turn to hiring a carpet cleaning service. These services can be extremely expensive and cause quite an interruption to your household, but there is an excellent in-between option: you can rent or purchase your very own carpet cleaning machine.

When it comes to choosing the perfect cleaning machine for your household and cleaning needs, there are a few things to consider. One is the amount of space that requires cleaning. For small areas or specific stains, it can be most beneficial to use a powder or foam spot cleaner, and then simply utilize your upright vacuum to vacuum up the residue once the stain remover has dried. This can be very effective for taking care of your stains without having to move furniture or clean the entire carpet.

However if you’ve had your carpet or rug for while and it’s time for a complete cleaning or refreshing, an ideal solution is a carpet steam cleaner. This kind of carpet cleaning machine is considered to be one of the very best you can use in your home, because of the way it’s engineered to both clean and dry carpets quickly and efficiently. Although its name suggests that uses steam in the cleaning process, it actually employs a very hot stream of water combined with the suction power of a vacuum.

A blast of water deep cleans stains, dirt and dinginess from your carpet, while the vacuum quickly sucks up the moisture and dries your carpet at the same time.

If you find that you’re often cleaning the carpets in your home, purchasing a carpet cleaning machine may be the best option for you. However for most of us, we can get by with occasionally renting one of these machines from a local home improvement or hardware store. Carpet steam cleaners are usually rented daily or by the hour, and are a very affordable way of keeping your rugs and carpets clean without spending a lot of money.

Learn more about carpet cleaning machines, including the ultra effective carpet steam cleaner, and get your rugs and carpets looking their very best today!

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