Cleaning Wall Paper Is Easy

The darker your wall paper and the more intricate the design the better it is at hiding dirt. And since the dirt build up is so gradual, you often don’t notice how dirty it has become. Cleaning your wallpaper can often lead to surprising results when you see how fresh and bright the room looks. While most people leave this job to their commercial cleaning services, there’s nothing to stop you from doing it yourself, if you suddenly realize the room is looking dirty and there’s no time to call in the cleaners.

Before starting, you need to check if the wallpaper manufacturer has given any cleaning instructions. If you do not have any with you, you can always check on the company’s website. If there are specific cleaning instructions, always follow them.

The first thing you need to do is cover the floor with plastic sheeting to prevent water dripping down or spilling onto the floors. Once this is done, use a soft or medium brush to brush away all the surface dirt from the wallpaper. Do not use a hard brush as this may scratch the surface. Do one wall at a time starting from the top and working your way to the bottom. Once all the walls are done, clean off the dirt from the plastic sheeting (water dripping can turn it into mud) and replace it on the floor.

Now you need a bucket half filled with warm water. Do not use hot water as this could affect the glue holding the wallpaper in place. Add very little mild detergent to the water – just enough to get a few bubbles when the mixture is agitated.

Too much detergent can leave to wallpaper sticky and more prone to dirt. Take a clean sponge and dip it in the water and detergent mixture. Wring it dry and using the damp sponge wipe down the wallpaper in smooth long strokes from top to bottom. Never use a wet sponge since water seeping into the wallpaper can damage it and also loosen the glue holding it in place.

Clean or replace the sponge if it starts to get dirty. Once you finish cleaning a few square feet of a wall, use a soft clean towel to gently mop up any excess moisture that may remain. Do not rub with the towel; just use it as a mop.

Once the room is finished leave the windows open to allow any remaining moisture to dry up.

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Easy Home Tips to Clean Your Carpets

A regular maintenance and cleaning plan can extend the life of your carpets. Dirt and other stains, if not cleaned for a long time, can cause a bad smell out from your carpets. It can also cause allergies to many people due to various organisms living in it. So if you clean it regularly, you can easily avoid such problems.

It is important that you clean carpets immediately after the spills to avoid permanent staining. Use tissue paper to soak as much of the spill as possible. A cleansing agent afterwards should get rid of the dirt. If you do not have a cleansing agent, use club soda. This is great to use at home.

Never scrub at the spill else it may go even deeper in the carpet. Simply saturate the spot with the cleanser and slowly blot there using some tissue paper or paper towel. It will remove the stain slowly.

Clean your carpets thoroughly with a regular vacuum cleaning schedule. All dust particles and added dirt will disappear through this cleaning process. Dirt does damage carpets by rubbing against the delicate fibers. You will be able to avoid this type of erosion through vacuuming your carpets regularly.

It is important that you vacuum-clean the carpets before you start with steam cleaning. Dust can create mud with the steam. So if you properly vacuum-clean first, you can avoid this problem. Using vacuuming in different directions, you can remove a great part of the dirt absorbed in the carpet.

The carpets are now ready for the process of steam cleaning. Use a high pressure cleaner together with detergents and hot water to steam your carpets properly. You can always ask a professional company to assist you. They use a steam cleaning machine. Many people also know it as hot water extraction.

You should use the solution made exclusively by the manufacturer for the machine. But you can also use the hot water and oxygen cleaning powder mix at your home as a cheap alternative. Before steam cleaning, spray a carpet pretreatment. It helps in removing the stains faster.

You should run the machine over the stains for a few minutes. This will ensure a proper scrubbing by the brushes on the machine and remove all the dirt. Also see that a good amount of water goes into the carpet. Stains will go away quicker with this. After the cleaning, soak out as much water as you can. Use fans and open the windows for a quick drying of the carpet.

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Easy Steps On How To Remove Stains In Your Carpets

While there may be some remarkable merchandise on the market for getting dirts of all varieties out of the carpet, some spills such as tempered candle wax-take a trick to remove.

For candle wax, take a little bit of wax paper and a hot iron to the stain. Place the wax paper over the wax and press the hot iron on to the carpet. The wax will unfreeze enough to stick to the wax paper, and lifting it off becomes a breeze. Do this several times with a fresh piece of wax paper, and so treat any persisting residue with a commercial cleanser, the area should be looking brand new in no time.

For pet dirts, rubbing alcohol or a dry cleaning solvent works well. Be sure to blob the stain rather than freting, and employ a swirling movement from the edge of the stain inward. This will keep the stain from circulating. If using rubbing alcohol, be sure to test the carpet for colorfast in a spot where the alcohol will not be noticed. Never use hot water to deal with stains if you are dubious what the stain is created with. Hot water is powerful for positioning stains into material as just in case of blood and chocolate, you know from washing children’s clothing-so for many who are doubtful as to what caused the stain, err on the side of caution and use cold water as well as the cleaner or a cleaning agent.

For blood, use a mild cleaner which does not contain blanching agent or have a high alkaline content-read the label, millions of people will take their dish cleansing soap but the newer ones available for purchase do contain some bleach. A half cup of water with a tablespoonful of ammonium hydroxide seems to operate best on set in blood. As with any stain, blot, do not rub and always start from the edge of the stain and work in so as not to spread.

For populated areas, just remember to do not use any homemade scanners that are flammable. You do not know what people may have tracked in, and even shoe polish contains chemical substances that will catch fire when they come in contact with some cleansing agents. Here’s where you will need to probably invest in a commercial carpet cleaner and cleansing detergent. It’s worth the amount of money to make those areas with many people
look new again.

When you buy new carpeting, ask for a large piece of remnant to use as a treatment colorfast indicator in the future, that way if the product you plan to use is not colorfast, you did n’t find it out the hard way. This is also a good idea when it comes to purchasing furniture or anything else made from or covered with fabric which must eventually be cleaned. The store will usually be more happy to accommodate you and often keep swatches around for that very reason.

 For a flawless cleaning progression, vacuuming the carpet is a terrific idea. You can check in the market about a excellent brand name of a vacuum cleaner so that it will help you improve in doing the purpose. Also, you can try find out on-line for a vacuum cleaner with good shopper reviews. Ideal products of vacuum cleaner like the Hoover steam vac has a considerable amount of top notch models that are already establishing a name in the market. You can find out their Hoover steamvac with clean surge f5914-900 model and read some evaluations from the internet so that you will more idea of its features.


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