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Hardwood Floors Atlanta has only one goal and that is to provide the best for their customers. From the beginning to the end it must be amazing. The customers are extremely satisfied with the price of Hardwood Floors Atlanta. The hardwood flooring has been prefinished including distressed and hand scraped hardwoods. It matches everyone’s taste and color. Hardwood floors Atlanta, adds refinishing facilities to your existing floor, using Dustless vacuum system to make the floors look new without all the mess.

Solid iron balusters and wrought iron spindles on your staircase can also be installed with the flooring. We employ a highly trained, experienced crew when refinishing old hardwood floors. We also install new hardwood floors in Atlanta. When a crew starts their work, they complete all the work. They hire only experienced craftsmen, who do their work with complete concentration. Hardwood Floors Atlanta refinishes hardwood floors and installs new hardwood floors in residence as well as commercial locations.

The carpeting is a very essential part of the floor. Carpets give a clean look to your home. It gives an advantage to the users with its easy maintenance and cleanliness. Carpet Flooring Alpharetta gives wide range of carpets with different variety. These carpets can easily come in your budget. The variety of Carpet Flooring Alpharetta has stylish and has Frieze, Berber and plush carpets. New carpet can increase the value of your room and most importantly how to maintain it. When vacuuming the carpets, it is very important the bags are changed frequently. Some new vacuums don’t have vacuum bags so it makes it easier and more comfortable. The area which has heavy traffic should need more attention because this area will have more dust. Carpet Flooring Alpharetta gives different solutions to your carpet maintenance. Their experienced representatives are always available for your help.

Wood Floor Refinishing Roswell facility provides refinishing floors more easy. Dustless technology is used for refinishing the floors. This technique from Floor Refinishing Roswell will reduce the dust and give a new look to the floor. This type of stain can easily be determined and with the help of different soaps can easily be removed. The wood floors that seem dark and dull can easily be transformed into their original condition. If you need any assistance related to the refinishing of the floor, the solution to your problem is just a call away. Call our representatives and give us a chance to help you out to any problems related to refinishing of floors.

Hardwood Floors Atlanta, Carpet Flooring Alpharetta and Wood Floor refinishing Roswell are giving their best services related to floors, carpets and refinishing. It’s not difficult to buy the best carpet for your room, but it is difficult to maintain it to make it look like new.

Concept Flooring specializes in all types of residential and commercial flooring in the Atlanta area including Roswell and Alpharetta such as hardwood floors Atlanta and carpet flooring Alpharetta. If you want to have the best Wood Floor Refinishing Roswell in your home or office then would be the best choice for you.

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Floor Caring Tips For Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring can last for years when given proper care. Following tips about cleaning will help to prolong the floor’s life and taking special care in activities can prevent damage, as well.

Area rugs will protect hardwood floors from dirt and grit, which can scratch the wood. Rugs should be vacuumed regularly to keep dirt from reaching the floor. Rugs that do not have rubber or vinyl backing are recommended. Floor mats placed at entrances will help reduce the amount of dirt that is brought into the house. Mats will also protect against water damage in places like kitchens and entrances.

Some types of shoes, such as cleats and high heels, can dent or scratch hardwood flooring. They should be worn as little as possible on hardwood floors. Also, dragging furniture across the floor can cause dents and scratches. If possible, furniture should be moved by lifting. When the furniture is not being moved, furniture pads placed under the legs of chairs, couches and tables will also help prevent damage.

Sunlight can cause discoloration. Furniture and area rugs will block most of it and curtains covering the windows should block the rest. Even thin curtains will block the ultraviolet rays that cause discoloration.

Water can cause several problems on hardwood floors; it can discolor the wood and warp it if the spill is large enough. Water spills must be cleaned up immediately to prevent damage. If damage does occur, contact the floor manufacturer or refer to the user manual for information on how to correct the problem spot.

Hardwood floors should be swept with a broom that has fine bristles and an exploded end, which will trap dirt and grit effectively. A dust mop with a 12- to 18-inch cotton head can also be used to pick up dirt. Consult the floor manufacturer’s instructions to see if a mop treatment is needed.

A brush attachment or bare floor attachment will get rid of dirt and dust that is in places the broom cannot reach. Vacuums with beater bars should not be used because they can cause scratches. Vacuuming should be done once or twice each week.

Hardwood floors can also be cleaned with a damp mop, but only if the finish is in good condition; otherwise, water might get into the wood. It is also important that the mop be only slightly damp for this reason and those mentioned above.

These tips are only some of the things that can be done to keep hardwood flooring in good shape for many years. More can be found by consulting the user’s manual.

If you would like to learn more about laminate wood flooring then please visit where you can find additional information.

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Green Floor Cleaning Tips

Are you using chemicals commonly to clean out your rugs? Sure, rugs and wall to wall carpeting normally harbor mud mites and bacteria and must be cleaned periodically. However, you do not need to make use of poisonous chemical cleaning solvents to do that job. You can get the job performed simply enough for those who use daily household products that can get your carpets and rugs cleaned without having to resort to chemicals.

Whenever you consider all the time your family members, particularly youngsters and pets, spend on the floor, you realize that you must make sure that the carpet is cleaned properly. In case you have rugs and carpeting, you too wish to stop spills. Nevertheless, many of the agents that are used for this objective might be toxic to children and pets. Here are some pure tips on green cleaning when it comes to your flooring in addition to different cleaning:

Use tea tree oil and baking soda to sprinkle on the carpeting. That is an age old remedy that works well. Baking soda is a surprise cleaning product and completely natural. It will not solely take in all of the odors within the carpeting after you vacuum it up, however will preserve your carpets fresh. You should leave the tea tree oil (use different essential oils just like lavender or mint) on the carpeting for about twenty minutes before vacuuming.

The essential oil added to the baking soda won’t only assist clean the carpeting, but in addition insure that it has a fresh odor to it that lasts. It is a secure and non toxic option to get your carpets cleaned.

When you’ve got throw rugs, the best thing to do is to shake them or beat them against a fence or balcony railing. That is an quaint way of cleaning throw rugs, however works. You can too use the identical remedy as above to get them to smell fresh. Taking your rugs exterior and giving them an excellent shake ought to be executed on a weekly basis, especially if you have pets.

Wish to clean up a spill in a rush? The most effective thing for its club soda. If you happen to get a spill on your sofa or carpeting, use slightly little bit of club soda and it’ll come right up. This remedy additionally works for clothes spills as well.

These cleaning solutions are produced from products that you most likely have around the house. All are non poisonous and can truly do the job that you really want without you having to resort to harmful chemicals.

We hope that you find this article on cleaning ceramic tile grout beneficial. For more information on carpet cleaning tip, I suggest you go to this site

R. Levi is an expert in when comes to Eco Friendly Cleaning. He has devoted so much time in doing researches on the topic and has been proudly living Green for several years now. To learn more about floor cleaning tips, please check out R. Levis suggested website,

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TCS Floor Care

Flooring of an industrial or commercial establishment weathers a lot of abuse throughout its life. Most of this can be attributed to the materials used in those factories/workshops which give out tiny particulates that are highly abrasive in nature.

These particles then go on to damage the floor surface in form of scratches and wear patterns which only become worse with continuous heavy use and traffic. Without any care or maintenance, this eventually leads to a very shoddy looking floor that makes it appear far older than it actually is.

Commercial Floor Care and Maintenance

The only way out of the above situation is to avail services of a professional commercial and industrial floor care company. Floor care is a specialised area that requires credible knowledge and experience which necessitates hiring of an expert care service. TCS satisfies both the above criterion and excels in a host of floor care techniques.

Commercial floor care itself has many aspects to it and each of them is just as important as the next one. While some establishments may need all those services, some others might need only a few. However most of the establishments need to undergo some sort of floor stripping followed by sealing and waxing.

Services offered by TCS

VCT (Vinyl Composite Tile) Waxing – This process involves complete floor stripping of the VCT tile space. This is followed by recoating all areas with 4-6 layers of high grade wax.

This ensures that the floor remains shiny and clean for years to come.

VCT Scrubbing – Scrubbing is carried out to free the floor of any dirt, grease, oil or dust which helps the floor appear clean and neat. Most of the scrubbing is done by eco-friendly solutions.

VCT Burnishing – Burnishing is essential to remove all the grime and dirt that are the result of prolonged neglect. TCS’s burnishing services extend to all VCT covered space and it normally includes restrooms, service counter areas, break rooms, foyers and others. Properly done burnishing gives the VCT flooring a highly sophisticated look.

VCT Wax Repairs – Waxing needs to be periodically re-done to maintain effectiveness. TCS uses only CASTLEGUARD industrial standard wax that is non-yellowing, non-powdering and offers overall savings of upto 30%. CASTLEGUARD is the best quality wax out there when it comes to resisting scuff marks and retaining a clean look for a long time.

Ceramic Tile Cleaning – Ceramic tiles are constantly attacked by sand like soil that results in wear patterns, scratches and grout soiling that is almost impossible to set right with normal cleaning techniques and agents. TCS uses sophisticated machines and eco-friendly chemicals to treat such tiles and also seals the floor to protect from future problems.

Commercial Concrete Care – Commercial floor care of concrete surfaces is a highly specialised affair. This is mainly because of concrete which is highly absorbent and readily attracts dust, oil, dirt and even pathogens which is hazardous for the floor and your employees. Concrete scrubbing and cleaning should be periodically done on such surfaces to keep the environment clean and safe.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning – Carpets tend to lose their sheen after prolonged use and vacuuming doesn’t always give the best results. What is needed here is commercial carpet deep cleaning and TCS uses the most advanced techniques which revitalizes the appearance of your carpet.

Industrial Floor Cleaning – Industrial floor care comprises a number of techniques that aim to free the floor from the effects of oil, grease, paint, chemical spills and many more. Most often it involves floor stripping followed by a recoat and eventually sealing.


Before starting on any sort of actual work, TCS evaluates an establishment’s floor condition. So if you think your commercial floor can do with some care and maintenance then TCS will simply send a few highly skilled technicians to your establishment. These technicians will examine the nature and extent of the problem resulting in a thorough analysis.

This analysis is then followed by the presentation of a maintenance plan that is customized as per your needs and timing. A highly flexible schedule is one of the USPs of this plan as it ensures that the maintenance work does not in any way affect the establishment’s productivity.

Floor stripping is something that cannot be avoided at any commercial or industrial establishment. This is a must to keep your business atmosphere pleasant every time. For effective services on commercial floor care and maintenance, please reach us at

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About Commercial Floor Care

Commercial floor care will ensure that your floor is always clean and sparkly. There are a lot of ways in which you can clean your floors. You probably always sweep and mop your floor without using any special treatment. This is not quite as effective as you will want it to be because of the method you will be using. Floors are always noticed by people immediately they enter in to a room.

If you are not sure of the process that you will use to clean your floor, you can go online and call the cleaning services. They have competent and efficient workers who will ensure that you get the best services. The materials that are being used for the cleaning are of high quality and you will be impressed by the end result.

Proper steps should be taken when cleaning is being done. The services being provided are quite effective and efficient. You will be expected to put on some protective clothing before starting the cleaning process. This is because the detergents that are being used are very reactive to the skin and can cause complications when it comes in direct contact with any part of the body.

The floor care service will ensure that your floor is always sparkling clean. This is because of the cleaning that will be done. You should ensure that when you are cleaning, you wipe out all the detergent before it dries up. This will ensure that it does not damage the floor. The equipments you will be using should be properly maintained to make the cleaning process easy.

When cleaning, especially in places like hotels.

You should use the wet sign to warn people. This will make the cleaning process easy and you will not be distracted. It will also help in avoiding accidents. It is also advisable that you remove any items like tables that will cause distractions when cleaning. Ensure that you clean all the corners since most people tend to overlook such places.

Some of the equipments that you will use are at least three mops, buckets of water, floor cleaning machines, gloves, boots, protective glasses and cleaning detergents. All this should be handled with a lot of care and you should clean them after use. In case the floor is covered with a carpet it is appropriate that you vacuum then remove it.

Floor stripping is usually done to remove stuck dirt from the floor and you will have a clean fresh look on it after it has been done. After stripping, it is advisable that you wax your floor to give it a good attractive finishing. After waxing, you should put up a slippery sign. This is because the floor will tend to be quite slippery after it has been waxed.

Floor stripping services can be provided online. You have to ensure that you do enough research on the company that will be providing the cleaning service. You should compare the kind of service that they will be offering and also their costs. Going through the reviews will help in directing you to the best firms. The one with the most number of positive reviews will show that most people are using it and the service being offered is excellent.

Clean water and a damp piece of cloth should be used to wipe the floor after you are through with the cleaning process. You should never leave the floor wet since it can cause damage. Make sure you use cold water since the detergents comprise a lot of chemicals and will react quickly if you use hot water. Ensure that the wet sign is not removed until the floor has completely dried up.

For all your cleaning needs, please get to visit Here you will get to have great floor stripping and commercial floor care for your entire cleaning needs.

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