House Cleaning with Natural Non-Toxic Cleaners

Many people rush out and buy expensive cleaners for their homes without realizing that they already have plenty of cleaning products already in their kitchen cupboards. Here we look at some of the best non-toxic green cleaners around.

House cleaning is something that everyone must do to maintain a clean home. House cleaning safety should always be a top priority for yourself, your family and your pets. Many of the components you need to make natural non-toxic cleaners your probably have in your home already. If you think that you do not have the time to create your own household cleaners then think again! It is not time consuming nor is it messy.

If you want to chase bacteria and germs away as quickly as possible then introduce your home to a healthy manner of house cleaning. Get out your rags, sponges and cleaning cloths and get to work. But first you need to get better acquainted with the products you will need.

You have probably heard all about how beneficial white vinegar can be in a home. White vinegar is a type of acid that is very mild. For that reason it works well as a cleaning agent. Do not worry about your home smelling like vinegar because the smell quickly disappears once it has dried on a surface. White vinegar is very good at dissolving such things as soap scum in your bath tub, hard water deposits and dirt. It is also an antifungal agent that quickly and easily kills both bacteria and germs.

Baking soda is an inexpensive ingredient that is excellent at eliminating odors throughout a home. Place it in your refrigerator in a small container or cut a lemon in half and sprinkle baking soda inside of it and then place it in the fridge. You can also sprinkle it on your floor and then vacuum it up to keep your carpet fresh.

It also works well at lifting pet odors. Baking soda also does a very good job when used as a gentle scouring powder. Corn meal is another natural ingredient that is extremely beneficial when it comes to getting rid of spills made on carpeting.

You have probably seen Borax in the laundry and detergent aisle of the grocery store where you shop. Borax is the name given to the natural mineral compound known as sodium borate. Borax is good for an array of cleaning tasks in your home. It removes dirt, is antifungal in nature, gets rid of a variety of odors and it can also act as a disinfectant. It is important however to note that Borax must be used with care and caution when either children or animals are around. This is because it is toxic if it is ingested.

Hydrogen peroxide that has a concentration of three percent is an excellent non-toxic bleach that acts as a stain remover. It also can be used as a disinfectant when it is called for.

If you are looking for something natural to polish your furniture then look no further than olive oil. Club soda when it is fresh is also very good at polishing furniture and can act as a stain remover for clothing and upholstery. Another excellent stain remover is lemon juice. Lemon juice smells very pleasant and gives off a clean scent. It also works well as a grease cutter and a type of non-toxic bleach. House cleaning just got simpler for you!

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All natural carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning the natural way. Not all carpet cleaning companies use solvents, petrochemicals, Soaps or detergents. This is called the all natural way of cleaning your carpet. This makes the service extremely safe and the environment a healthy one. In fact, due to the fact it does not use solvents, petrochemicals, Soaps or detergents, it is even safe for babys.


As we all know, the use of chemicals in anything comes with uncertain risks. Not everybody agrees on this but there is never smoke without fire. So why use something which may have potential. Not to mention the damage some of these ingredients can cause to the carpets or other household furniture. Some chemicals have known risks which have been linked to some serious illnesses, so there is no need to increase your chances when you don’t have to.


Many also say that the all natural carpet cleaning method actually gives better results, along with a faster drying time, in some cases just under an hour.


Its not just carpet cleaning services which benefit from this all natural cleaning method. You will also find that these services of all natural extend to upholstery cleaning. Furniture such as sofas and arm chairs can be cleaned without the use of harmful chemicals. Also curtains and rugs, anything which is material based. This cleaning services is further extended to include tile and grout.

Using a similar method of steam cleaning but without including chemicals and toxins you can achieve the exact same results safely.


Pet stains and odours is another area which can be treated in this manor. However, pet stains and in particular odours, come with their own set of problems. If you have pets yourself, you will know that this is a tricky area. I have still yet to find a product which actually takes care of the odour. By far, the best way is to remove the effected area and replace with new. However, the all natural carpet cleaning method is definitely worth a shot. You get to safely have a go at removing odours the natural way leaving you happy that your pet is safe from chemicals. Every pet is different and every pet can react differently to different chemicals. The only problem is you wont know which chemicals will harm your pet until its to late. The risk simply is not worth it when you can use a natural alternative, leaving you with a fresh, clean, and safe environment.


The all natural carpet cleaning method is used widely and you should be able to find one in your area. Simply Google search them. You will be extremely happy you did. If you need further information regarding chemicals and the effects they can have on you, your pets, your family home, then you really need to do your homework before having any work carried out by the traditional carpet cleaning methods which bring into your home solvents, petrochemicals, Soaps and detergents, then used heavily, sometimes leaving behind soil attracting residue.

I use and endorse”>Carpet Cleaning Dallas. I highly recommend them as a truly affordable and an all natural”>Dallas Carpet cleaner. This is also baby safe.

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