Are You Wasting Money On A Rug Shampooer – 7 Tips To Buy The Right Carpet Shampooer

A good rug shampooer is an investment. It’s a huge help in keeping your carpets clean and helping them to look good longer. A poor choice of carpet shampooer, however, can be a waste of time and even damage your carpet. How do you choose the right one?

1. Cost is naturally going to be a major factor in such a purchase. You’re going to have to spend at least $ 100-400, possibly more if you go absolutely top of the line. But cost is not an absolute way to determine quality. You must look at what you’re actually getting for your money.

2. Brand reputation is a big help. Brands such as Hoover and Bissell are known for making good quality rug shampooers.

3. While rug shampooers are often called steam vacuums, most don’t actually make steam. You do however, want one that heats the water beyond the temperature you put into it. Too hot may be damaging to certain types of carpet. You can check the product specifications to see if it mentions how much it heats the water and if there are any temperature limits.

4. Another important factor is the type of brushes the rug shampooer uses. Many modern models use either a row of spinning brushes or a beater style such as you see in your usual vacuum cleaner. Either one works, and does much of the scrubbing work for you. Most people prefer moving brushes to models where you have to push down on the handle to do the scrubbing yourself with a stationary brush.

5. You also want the shampooer to have excellent suction, so your carpets don’t take too long to dry after cleaning. Some models blow heated air on the carpet as they go, but if water is being pulled out effectively, it’s not all that necessary. It’s still up to you to use the rug shampooer correctly to bring up the water, which means go slowly.

6. You will also want to consider how big the water tanks are. If you see a lot of complaints that people are having to empty the dirty water tank or refill the clean water tank in the middle of doing a room, you probably want a different model. While it doesn’t hurt anything to have to pause in the middle of the project, it can be quite frustrating to have to do so.

7. Go for a long cord. The cord should be long enough that you can easily do the entire room. Many people like to plug their rug shampooer in a different room than the one they’re working in, to keep the plug away from the humidity of their work. This shouldn’t be a direct issue, but it can’t hurt to keep things away either, so long as it’s not slowing the job down.

Learn more about buying a rug shampooer at Stephanie Foster’s including recommendations on upright and canister models.

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When Should You Replace Your Rug Shampooer?

You’ve had a rug shampooer for a number of years now but you’re starting to wonder. Is it getting too old? Would a newer rug shampooer be a good idea? How do you know when it’s time to replace it anyhow?

Sometimes it’s obvious that you need to replace a machine. A complete breakdown where it’s more expensive to repair than replace will send most of us out shopping. Other times it’s not so obvious.

It may be working more or less, for example, but not really scrubbing out the dirt and stains anymore. If you aren’t satisfied anymore that your carpets are really getting clean, maybe it’s time to consider a new rug shampooer.

There may also be just some slight leakage or trailing of dirty water onto your carpets as you clean them. This makes the process of getting your carpets truly clean incredibly frustrating, as there’s always that little bit coming back out. It may even result in streaks of dirt being left on your carpet after cleaning.

Sometimes these issues can be taken care of with minor repairs by a qualified technician. It may not hurt to find out what a tune up would cost for your rug shampooer. If it’s reasonably priced and sounds like it will take care of the issues you’ve been dealing with, go try it. No point in replacing a perfectly good machine when minor repairs will make it work well again.

It’s when you get beyond the minor repairs or the easily found parts that you definitely need to start thinking on buying a new rug shampooer.

Sadly, this can happen not too many years after a purchase. Most household appliances, electronics and so forth these days aren’t really made to last or to be repaired. They’re made to be replaced. That’s a big part of why they’re so cheap and are made of cheap parts. You have to keep buying more if you want the convenience you’ve gotten used to.

That’s not to say buying a brand new rug shampooer is all bad. You get a machine that cleans your carpets better than the old one did, most likely. You don’t have whatever little annoyances you were dealing with from the old machine.

In replacing an old rug shampooer, you probably know better what you want, which can result in a better replacement being selected. You know which features you liked and disliked. You know how you really use the shampooer.

This means you know which features you don’t need to concern yourself with as you shop, and which you might consider particularly valuable. You may want a rug shampooer that also rates well on cleaning upholstery. You may not care in the least about that feature.

You may want one that works on hard floors as well as carpets. Then again, you may have other ways you’d rather clean your hard floors.

You may love the idea of controlling how much shampoo is used on different areas of your carpet. Then again, you may be just fine with spraying extra shampoo manually, and not care for extra features that might break.

If you have to shop for a new rug shampooer because your old one isn’t working so well anymore, you know a lot about what you need. Think it over as you shop for a new one.

Stephanie Foster created for people who want to buy a home carpet steamer. Learn more about replacing your old rug shampooer at her site.

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