Steam Cleaning Sofa in Efficient Way

Steam cleaning is one of the most effective ways in cleaning your sofa. It helps you a lot to remove odor, dust, as well as stain and dirt so your sofa will be in a newly look. Besides, steam cleaning also makes your sofa more sterile since it also remove mites and allergens. Since doing this certain cleaning is very easy, it will be better for you to do this certain cleaning in your regular cleaning schedule. Here are what you should do in steaming your sofa to make it clean.

First, you need to take the cushion off. Vacuum the frame of your sofa first to remove dust as well as loose soil, and then do the same thing to the cushion. You can also reverse the order if you want to do. Clean them well and vacuum all parts of the cushion as well as the frame well. Now, you can see continue to fill the reservoir of your cleaning machine with hot water. Adding cleaning solution is also recommended to do. You can use cleaning solution for furniture, liquid laundry soap as well as dish soap. You can use 1/4 cup of solution for gallon of water.

Second, start to do cleaning. You will find the feature of hand-held attachment on your steam cleaner. Use it to easier you clean the top, sides, as well as the bottom of the cushion. Then, you can use the suction of your cleaner in order to remove the water as much as possible.

Third, you can turn over the cushion of your sofa few times. It will be helpful to make them completely dry so you can place it back to its frame. While waiting for the cushion to be dry enough, you can clean the frame. Use the hand-held attachment to wash all surfaces of the frame. Then, you can remove the water as much as possible so it will be completely dry in faster time.

You can place the cushion back to the frame when both of them are completely dry.

It is easy and simple. You can always do it without facing any difficulty. Surely, clean sofa will make you and other people sit on it in more comfort, right?

One of the most popular steam cleaner product in the market is Ladybug steam cleaners or portable steam cleaner. Find your best preference and see how great the help given by this device for you.

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How to Clean Your Sofa

Sofa is a must for every home. You give it due care and attention to extend its life, and it will look after you in return. Maintaining the life of your sofa will need you to care for and clean it regularly. How to care for and clean your sofa? Below we have some advices for you.

Cleaning a Leather sofa:

1. Clear the dust on the surface of your leather sofa with the vacuum cleaner, being sure to use a soft brush attachment.

2. Determine the type of leather of your sofa. You can find this information on the tags attached to your sofa.

3. Choose the right leather care product for the stains on your sofa. Different leather needs different leather care product. The wrong product will change the color of your sofa!

4. Test your care product on a small, inconspicuous area of your sofa that no one will ever see. Wait to watch what unfolds before you apply it to the stains on your sofa. If it is safe, use it to remove the stains on your sofa.

5. Mix a few drops of mild liquid facial or body soap with a quart of distilled water (chemicals contained in the tap water may damage the surface of the leather), mixing until suds foam.

6. Dip a soft rag in the soapy water and wring our thoroughly. Wipe the surface of your sofa with this damp rag.


Dip another soft rag in distilled water (not soapy water) and wring it thoroughly. Wipe away the soap residue on the surface of your sofa.

8. Take a third dry rag to wipe the sofa dry.

9. Apply an appropriate leather conditioner (choosing a right one according to the type of your leather) on your sofa to protect it.

Cleaning a Fabric Sofa:

1. Remove the pillows and cushions. Set them aside to clean separately. Vacuum dirt, loose dust and crumbs from the seat area first and then the rest of the sofa with the hose attachment. Do not forget the arm rests and the backing.

2. Follow the cleaning codes and instructions for cleaning spots and stains. Such information can be found on the tag attached to your sofa.

Usually the Cleaning Codes are as follows:

W: Use a water-based shampoo or foam cleaner. Pretest for color loss and fabric compatibility. Do not saturate.

S: Use a water-free cleaning solvent. Pretest for color loss and fabric compatibility. Do not saturate. Do not use water!

WS: Use shampoo foam only from a mild detergent or a mild, dry cleaning, solvent-based cleaner. Pretest for color loss and fabric compatibility. Do not saturate.

X: Do not use any foam or liquid cleaner. Clean only by vacuuming or brushing lightly with a non-metallic brush. Do not use water! Do not use cleaning solvents.

3. Apply the cleaner to your sofa and rub it with a cleaning cloth. Rinse it or switch to a new cleaning cloth when it is dirty. Keep rinsing away the cleaner until it is removed completely. Leave the sofa and its parts to dry completely. If you want speed this up, use an electric fan.

Vacuum the pillows and cushions and clean them the same way. When the pillows and cushions are dry too, you may reassemble them. 

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