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Flooring of an industrial or commercial establishment weathers a lot of abuse throughout its life. Most of this can be attributed to the materials used in those factories/workshops which give out tiny particulates that are highly abrasive in nature.

These particles then go on to damage the floor surface in form of scratches and wear patterns which only become worse with continuous heavy use and traffic. Without any care or maintenance, this eventually leads to a very shoddy looking floor that makes it appear far older than it actually is.

Commercial Floor Care and Maintenance

The only way out of the above situation is to avail services of a professional commercial and industrial floor care company. Floor care is a specialised area that requires credible knowledge and experience which necessitates hiring of an expert care service. TCS satisfies both the above criterion and excels in a host of floor care techniques.

Commercial floor care itself has many aspects to it and each of them is just as important as the next one. While some establishments may need all those services, some others might need only a few. However most of the establishments need to undergo some sort of floor stripping followed by sealing and waxing.

Services offered by TCS

VCT (Vinyl Composite Tile) Waxing – This process involves complete floor stripping of the VCT tile space. This is followed by recoating all areas with 4-6 layers of high grade wax.

This ensures that the floor remains shiny and clean for years to come.

VCT Scrubbing – Scrubbing is carried out to free the floor of any dirt, grease, oil or dust which helps the floor appear clean and neat. Most of the scrubbing is done by eco-friendly solutions.

VCT Burnishing – Burnishing is essential to remove all the grime and dirt that are the result of prolonged neglect. TCS’s burnishing services extend to all VCT covered space and it normally includes restrooms, service counter areas, break rooms, foyers and others. Properly done burnishing gives the VCT flooring a highly sophisticated look.

VCT Wax Repairs – Waxing needs to be periodically re-done to maintain effectiveness. TCS uses only CASTLEGUARD industrial standard wax that is non-yellowing, non-powdering and offers overall savings of upto 30%. CASTLEGUARD is the best quality wax out there when it comes to resisting scuff marks and retaining a clean look for a long time.

Ceramic Tile Cleaning – Ceramic tiles are constantly attacked by sand like soil that results in wear patterns, scratches and grout soiling that is almost impossible to set right with normal cleaning techniques and agents. TCS uses sophisticated machines and eco-friendly chemicals to treat such tiles and also seals the floor to protect from future problems.

Commercial Concrete Care – Commercial floor care of concrete surfaces is a highly specialised affair. This is mainly because of concrete which is highly absorbent and readily attracts dust, oil, dirt and even pathogens which is hazardous for the floor and your employees. Concrete scrubbing and cleaning should be periodically done on such surfaces to keep the environment clean and safe.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning – Carpets tend to lose their sheen after prolonged use and vacuuming doesn’t always give the best results. What is needed here is commercial carpet deep cleaning and TCS uses the most advanced techniques which revitalizes the appearance of your carpet.

Industrial Floor Cleaning – Industrial floor care comprises a number of techniques that aim to free the floor from the effects of oil, grease, paint, chemical spills and many more. Most often it involves floor stripping followed by a recoat and eventually sealing.


Before starting on any sort of actual work, TCS evaluates an establishment’s floor condition. So if you think your commercial floor can do with some care and maintenance then TCS will simply send a few highly skilled technicians to your establishment. These technicians will examine the nature and extent of the problem resulting in a thorough analysis.

This analysis is then followed by the presentation of a maintenance plan that is customized as per your needs and timing. A highly flexible schedule is one of the USPs of this plan as it ensures that the maintenance work does not in any way affect the establishment’s productivity.

Floor stripping is something that cannot be avoided at any commercial or industrial establishment. This is a must to keep your business atmosphere pleasant every time. For effective services on commercial floor care and maintenance, please reach us at

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