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Your carpet is the center of your home. It can bring together a room or even an entire house. The state of your carpet reflects the state of your home and everyone who lives there. Because your carpet is such an important part of your home, it is imperative that you take good care of it through regular cleaning. While routine vacuuming is certainly an important part of any carpet care regimen, it is not nearly enough to make sure that your carpet lasts for many years to come. In addition to regular vacuuming, regular carpet cleaning by the top carpet cleaners in your area is essential. If you live in the New York or Tri-State area, finding the top carpet cleaners in the area is easy. One call to Oriental Rug Care NY and the areas top carpet cleaners will be in your home giving your carpet a new lease on life while improving the atmosphere in your home. If you are looking for the areas top carpet cleaners, look no further than Oriental Rug Care NY.
Your complete and total satisfaction is our highest priority, which is why we have the confidence to say that we are the top carpet cleaners in the area. We make sure that we do every job right every time. In order to maintain the quality of our service, we thoroughly train all of our carpet cleaning technicians for eighteen months before they become a full member of our carpet cleaning team. Our top carpet cleaners will examine your carpet to determine the materials and dyes used to fabricate it, while also taking note of the types of dirt and contaminants that are present in your carpet. We do this so that we can match the best cleaning solutions and methods at our disposal with the type of carpet and the contaminants that are in it. Our top carpet cleaners always use the best cleaning methods for each type of carpet, and all of our cleaning solutions are non-toxic and environmentally-friendly.
Our top carpet cleaners can make your home not only cleaner, but also healthier. Even the best carpets can trap dust mites, dirt, pet dander, mold, mildew, and other allergens which are then kicked back up into the air as you walk across your carpet. This leads to poor indoor air quality, which can result in allergic reactions and even respiratory infections such as bronchitis. Fortunately, our top carpet cleaners are here to thoroughly clean every inch of your carpet. Our methods of deep cleaning and hot-water extraction will make sure that your carpet is free of these contaminants so that you and your family can breathe easier in your home.
When you need your carpet cleaned, why settle for less than the very best? The top carpet cleaners in the New York area are all at Oriental Rug Care NY. Our top carpet cleaners do the job better than anyone else, so that your home can once again be as clean and contaminant-free as the day you moved in. Look no further than the top carpet cleaners at Oriental Rug Care NY for all your carpet cleaning needs.

Oriental Rug Care provides the highest quality Carpet Cleaning NY services to the New York Business Community and the Tri-State Area. They have gained a reputation by keeping a high standard of professionalism. Their technicians turn out to be a qualified professional only after intensive training and 18 months of field experience under close supervision. They promise to render personal attention to the specialized needs of their customers.

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