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Upholstery Cleaning Boston On Choosing an Upholstery Dry-Cleaner

Upholstery Cleaning Boston

It’s a great idea to have your upholstery dry-cleaned. These techniques can bring new life to old and worn fabrics, restoring prized furniture to their natural brilliance. A regular clean will extend the life of upholstery, and will eliminate those bacteria that cause allergies and other problems, promoting a healthier and happier environment. However, even if you have decided that you want the professional services of a firm like upholstery cleaning boston MA, this is only the first part of the puzzle. There are many companies out there who claim to offer brilliant results. They can’t all be at the head of the game, so how do you extract the cream from the other contenders?

Upholstery Cleaning Boston On Asking Questions

A very effective way of getting the measure of a cleaning company is to contact them. If you can visit their premises, are they clean? Ask them some questions and see how confidently they answer. For example:

How much experience do the staff at upholstery cleaning boston MA have?
What chemicals would they recommend using?
Why these particular chemicals?
Why is dry-cleaning better than steaming/hot-water extraction?
Why is cleaning upholstery different from cleaning carpets?

How courteous are the staff? Professional firms should want to demonstrate pride and belief in the efficacy of their methods, so if they seem reluctant or cagey about dealing with your questions then try and find a firm who are more obliging.

Upholstery Cleaning Boston On Training and Expertise

You pay a professional firm partly to get the benefit of their stronger judgement and experience, so you want to make sure you’re getting the full effect here. How many years has the company been in business for, and how do they train their staff? Do they have some special certification? The least you should expect is that, like upholstery cleaning boston MA, the firm has been certified by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification). This organisation only gives certification to those who are maintaining high standards of service, so the presence of IICRC is a sign of good quality.

Upholstery Cleaning Boston MA

Upholstery Cleaning Boston On Cleaning Routine

How advanced is their cleaning routine. Do they give the upholstery a single wash, or do they have a pre-clean stage to loosen and dislodge the more ingrained of the particles. Do they pick from a range of different chemicals according to the type of material, or do they just use a single chemical to cover everything? If they’re not totally sure, will they, like upholstery cleaning boston MA, do spot checks on materials? Are the chemicals used environmentally friendly, and will they disturb the composition of the materials – low-PH products are less likely to have any adverse effects. Can the chemicals resolve pet odours and stains?

Upholstery Cleaning Boston On Reputation

If you can get in touch with some former customers, that’ll help give you an idea of how good the company is – be wary of clients that the company itself put you onto, though. Try the internet for impartial reviews, and ask friends and work colleagues if they can recommend anyone.


Price is clearly likely to be a significant issue. However, you shouldn’t merely plump for the firm that offers the cheapest deal. Where a company like upholstery cleaning boston MA charges more than the bargain-basement company, what will they be offering that justifies the extra expense. Do they use better chemicals or machinery? Is their cleaning process longer and/or more complex? Is their treatment more environmentally friendly? Do they add some sort of protection, such as Scotchguard? Look out for hidden charges, and for features that are included only as optional extras.


The best firms will try to minimise inconvenience to you. How versatile are they when it comes to making appointments? How long will the service take, and, as upholstery cleaning boston MA can promise, will the furniture be ready to use as soon as the cleaning has been completed? Do they offer any guarantees in the case of damage to your upholstery?

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