Why do we clean our carpets?

It is a tough job keeping carpets and rugs looking clean and new. Often we spend an hour with the vacuum cleaner and as soon as we have finished the carpets look dirty again. A weekly run over with a vacuum cleaner might be enough to get dirt from the surface but it rarely removes the deep … which gets way down into the carpets fibers. It is this dirt which causes carpet to age quickly and look shabby.

Carpets need to be well cared for, think about how much use they get. High traffic areas have to stand up to daily, even hourly use. If a carpet is well maintained it can add value to our home, not to mention it adds to your home’s aesthetic appeal.  Vacuuming your carpet properly, with a regular commercial cleaning adds years to a carpets life.

What is the best way to keep a carpet looking new?

Replacing a carpet is an expense we can all do without. The best cure is prevention. Do not wait until the carpet is on its last legs before you give it a vacuum or call the cleaners. The longer between cleans the more dirt settles into the deep fibers. It is more difficult to get a carpet looking fresh again once dirt has settled. A commercial cleaner will be able to remove more dirt with specialized equipment. Regular commercial cleaning is the best way to keep carpets looking new.

Correct vacuuming can also prolong the life of a carpet. It is important to vacuum carpets in several directions. It you always vacuum in the same direction the carpet fibers will be trained to fall in that direction, this can lead to matting of fibers and a worn look.  Using a different direction will also allow the vacuum to pick up dirt from different angles, allowing for a better clean.

Always empty the vacuum cleaner bag as this allows the air to move freely through the machine and provides for more suction.

A full bag requires the vacuum to work harder and can lead to less dirt being removed.

Placing a mat at the door will help to remove debris from the bottom of people shoes before they enter the house. This will cut down the amount of dirt being trampled into the carpet.

How often should we clean our carpet?

A carpet should be vacuumed at least once a week. High traffic areas may need more regular attention or they will become stained. Do all the carpets at one time. Cleaning only one area is counterproductive, as people more around the house they will transfer dirt from the dirty areas back to the clean areas.

It is a good idea to get your carpets commercial cleaned every four months. Alagins and dirt can build up quickly in a carpet. These needs to be removed not only to preserve the carpet but also for the health of your family. 

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