At a time when household costs seem rather high, it’s tempting to save money by performing jobs around the house yourself. In the case of cleaning carpets, though, that might prove to be something of a false economy.

Carpets are highly sensitive, and it’s very easy for us to damage them. Particles of grit can collect in the fibres. If these aren’t removed, they’ll gradually be trampled in, with the result that they’ll cut into the fibres and gradually weaken and destroy the carpet. Alternatively, using the wrong chemicals, or too many of them, can cause the carpet to deterioriate or lose its lustre all too quickly.

Carpets that aren’t thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis, or that are cleaned in an invasive way, will degrade. Threads will unravel and fibres will fall out. Carpets will feel less soft as a result, and will become inefficient at repelling dirt, stains and footprints, as well as holding their shape less effectively. A clean carpet is a healthy and well-maintained carpet, and keeping floor coverings in good condition will mean that you spend less money replacing them – as well as enjoying the benefits to health and mood that come from living in such a clean and pure environment.

If you’re still not convinced, here are a few more reasons why hiring a professional firm is probably the best way of getting the most out of your home:

Experience – Fully-trained professionals at a quality firm will have come across pretty much every problem and dilemma in the carpet-cleaning world. They can use this expertise to devise the best solution. They won’t have to waste time, and risk damage to your carpet by trying a string of useless but potentially harmful processes. No matter what material the carpet is made from, they’ll know how to deal with it.

The right tool for the right job – Professional firms can afford to invest in lots of different pieces of equipment. Many of those items will be used infrequently, and it simply wouldn’t be cost-effective for an individual to buy them. This isn’t the case for professional firms, though, and the huge choice of tools at their disposal means that they can pick out exactly the right accessory to suit the situation. There’ll be no fitting square pegs into round holes.

Only as many chemicals will be used as are needed – Most of us will have to use chemicals at some point during our cleaning process. For the majority, working out exactly how much of a chemical to use can be a hit and miss affair. Professionals will use the latest and most effective versions, and should be able to calculate the exact amount needed so that there’s no residue, and no damage (either immediately visible or long-term) to either carpets or furniture. Indeed, professional firms will often be able to fix problems without resorting to chemicals at all, creating a home environment that’s cleaner, purer and less likely to bring on allergies.

No excess moisture or soapy residue – Using too much water is a common mistake made by individuals. In all honesty, though, it’s very difficult to eradicate moisture without specialist tools. And yet a surfeit of damp can cause carpet odours and other more harmful problems. A professional firm will ensure that only the minimum of water will be used for any task. Soapy residue can also be eliminated, leading to fewer cases of carpet re-soiling.

Advanced drying techniques – Professional equipment can often dry carpets in an hour or two, vastly reducing the risk that mould and mildew will develop.

Spots and stains removed without causing further harm – We’re all familiar with the job of scrubbing away at a particularly obstinate stain. Quite often, the stain doesn’t fully disappear, and we end up damaging the carpet fibres in the process. Professional firms know how to remove the most awkward of spots and ingrained blemishes, and they can often do so while causing the minimum of damage – either short- or long-term.

A thorough job – Giving the room a quick vacuum in your spare five minutes often isn’t enough. A professional firm will move and protect furniture, and make sure that every last inch of the room is covered. All you have to do is come back to a beautifully clean and fresh house.

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